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Laserform is the market leader for legal forms, providing a comprehensive library of forms with enhanced features, available in both desktop and intranet solutions. 

With over 20 years of sector experience, Laserform is designed to save you time, improve form completion accuracy and modernise the way that legal forms are completed. Our dedicated team ensure that our forms are thoroughly checked, before being automatically updated directly to your software. 

We are at the forefront of changes in the market, which is why we are the trusted supplier to more law firms than any other forms provider, including the majority of the UK Top 100.

Key Benefits


Time saving features

Use templates, drop-downs and a built-in clause bank to save time by automatically populating data into your forms. Form bundling allows you to combine related forms together, where common data will transfer between the forms and make the bundle easy to open, edit or print. 


The most comprehensive forms library in the market 

Our library spans all UK practice areas, including a range of forms specifically for use in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our team constantly monitors legislative and form changes ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date forms. 


Integrates with your systems and processes

Laserform integrates seamlessly with a variety of technologies, including market-leading Practice, Case and Document Mangement Systems, ensuring your systems and processes deliver optimum value. See the growing list of compatible software here.  

Our legal forms solution for forward-thinking law firms

Latest news updates at your fingertips

The Laserform News Panel ensures your organisation has all the information about legislative or form amendments, displayed directly in your software. Combined with our email bulletin service you will always be up-to-date on changes affecting your forms library. 

Automatic form updates 

Get form updates delivered to Laserform automatically, ensuring you always have the latest form versions.

Service Excellence 

Our customers have access to an excellent support team who are on hand to assist with any queries. We also provide free training webinars covering a variety of topics, ensuring you get the most value out of your technology. 


In our forms, you can expand fields, adds rows, duplicate pages to give you all the flexibility you need.


Our forms perform complex calculations to save you time and reduce the risk of error.

PDF Conversion

Converting your forms to PDF allows you to send them to your clients for checking and signing.  

A Comprehensive Library

View our latest library of forms here

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Our Laserform solution is the trusted supplier to more law firms than any other forms provider, including the majority of the UK Top 100.

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