Clinical Decision Support Solution

Our NICE-accredited clinical decision support solution, Odyssey, enables clinicians working in demanding urgent and unplanned care settings to deliver fast, accurate patient triage.

Odyssey NHS

We realise the importance of providing smart, safe clinical triage when providing urgent and unplanned care. Patients who contact a health service are looking for fast, detailed advice, which can help them make decisions about the best care pathway to suit their needs.

Services providing advice and care pathways can suffer from high call volume, large numbers of patients with varying presenting complaints and overstretched resources.

Our solution has been designed to help deliver the best possible clinical advice to your patients. We work with over 250 urgent care providers, enabling clinical and non-clinical staff to triage patients across a variety of services, including GP surgeries, community pharmacies, ambulance services and NHS 111 providers. 

Key Benefits



Clinical content reviewed regularly by our clinical knowledge team



Integrates with patient management systems


Improved Symptom Assessment

Face-to-face, over the phone or via an app

Our clinical decision support solution - fast, safe and effective triage for healthcare settings

Flexible clinical decision support

Our solution can be used by clinically qualified staff or non-clinical users across a wide range of health and care services. Patients can take ownership of their own care pathway by using our online and app-based self-assessment tools, which helps patients make their own informed decisions. This keeps them from calling stretched emergency services if they could receive better care elsewhere.

Accurate patient triage

We’ve tested our technology against other clinical decision support solutions within the market, and our solution consistently comes out on top. The way our solution guides the clinician through the triage process mirrors the way real-life clinicians provide a care pathway. 

Reliable, varied clinical content

The NICE accredited clinical content is continually being reviewed by our in-house team of clinical professionals, who work in a variety of clinical specialties. Their input and continued support allows us to develop and maintain our technology to include in-depth ‘question sets’ for specific complaints, such as mental health, sepsis and dental problems.

An integrated solution

Odyssey can integrate with a number of host applications for patient management, meaning implementation with your existing system is easy, and there is no need to learn a whole new system. This integration capability is also what allows our solution to work across a variety of settings, from community pharmacies to NHS 111.

Improved efficiency

The intuitive layout and rich clinical content allows clinicians and call handlers to make safe, informed decisions about patient triage. When used in ambulance services, our solution allows call handlers and clinicians to have the confidence to prioritise use of emergency resources for serious and life-threatening cases, which helps cut down on unnecessary ambulance journeys.

We have developed our technology with the demanding environments of urgent and unscheduled care in mind, helping you make clinical decisions face-to-face or over the phone.


A reliable clinical decision support solution

Odyssey combines rich clinical content with an easy-to-use interface for clinicians at all levels of experience, giving accurate outcomes to patients and helping clinicians and call-handlers make more informed decisions. With content under thorough review by clinical staff working in our clinical knowledge unit, our solution features the following:

  • Over 1,200 presenting complaints
  • Over 450 specific 'question sets'
  • Age and gender differentiation of questions and answers
  • Clinical and non-clinical language mirror-image versions
  • Locally configured destination outcomes linked to clinical urgencies

A solution for urgent care and patient self-assessment

Our solution supports staff working in your urgent care setting to make fast, safe clinical decisions about patients within your care. Accurate clinical triage at the point of contact can enable patients to be signposted towards the right care for their needs, at the right time. Where callers would be better positioned to treat their presenting complaints through self-care, our technology enables you to identify this opportunity and recommend this outcome, reducing reliance on already stretched urgent and emergency resources. Patients can also use our Self-Assess tools, either online-based or through an app, to help them work out where they can receive the most appropriate care; this can help patients experience a more personalised, instantaneous mode of access into the healthcare system.

A solution for healthcare front desk services

For staff working at the front desk of a busy healthcare practice, it is paramount that patients can get an appropriate appointment at the right time. Our solution enables reception staff to reduce the number of appointments they allocate on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, by carrying out an assessment on the phone with the patient to determine the severity of symptoms. In this way, those patients with more urgent needs can be allocated first appointments. Community pharmacies using the Minor Ailments Service (MAS) can also engage in clinical patient triage, as our solution works to give accurate outcomes each and every time.

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