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Resource Scheduling

Dynamic Resource Scheduling software

Resource Scheduling optimises your field workforce by managing appointed, planned and responsive work. It improves service, minimises travel time and costs, and boosts daily task completion.

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Key features:

  • Dynamic Scheduling

  • Intelligent Appointments

  • Task Automation

  • Resource & Route Optimisation

  • Real-Time Management

  • Performance Tracking

  • Text Messaging

A rich, diverse customer base

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Why Choose Resource Scheduling

Increase Productivity
Always align the people, skills and equipment to activities.
Improve Service
Ensure customer commitments are always met - whether a single appointment or an SLA.
Reduce Costs
Optimise utilisation, ensure more tasks are completed first time and reduce unproductive activities.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products
Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up
More than a product, we're about building lasting bonds based on trust

Our Customer Support department used to use completely different diaries. Now we can see all the diary slots dynamically, we can see the full customer journey, and we’ve always got the full picture.

Lesley Doran, Head of Office Functions, Riverside

Features and benefits

Intelligent Appointments

Resource Scheduling analyses the schedule to present you with the most cost-effective appointments to offer your customer at their first point of contact.

Benefits of this feature
  • Optimise appointment offerings based on what is important to your business
  • Reduce your down time and increase your availability
  • Provide better customer support with customisable appointment windows

Defined Resources

Define your human resources by different dimensions — such as skills, accreditations and languages spoken — or classify non-human resources with the same flexibility — such as size, rating or location

Benefits of this feature
  • Get the right resource, to the right task, every time
  • Share resources over your business to increase efficiency
  • Allocate your non-human resources without user intervention

Clever Schedule

Resource Scheduling constantly takes multiple tasks, locations and operatives into consideration to determine the best way to distribute work across your team.

Benefits of this feature
  • Constant optimisation means you always have the best resource scheduling management
  • Less travel and more appointments better support your customers and business
  • Accurate optimisation leads to less delivery failure and improved customer experiences

Smart Travel

Develop accurate journey planning with real-life, street-level mapping.

Benefits of this feature
  • Travel less, achieve more
  • Improve your Eco footprint by travelling more efficiently
  • Allow your resources to deliver more for your business and customers

Real-Time Focus

Tracking the progress of tasks in real-time against your work schedule is enhanced when integrated with OneAdvanced’s mobile working application, Job Management.

Benefits of this feature
  • Know where your resources are and what they are delivering whenever you need it
  • Plan around delays and over-runs before they become a problem
  • Support your customers with accurate and up to date timings

Emergency Focus

No longer is there the need to keep buffer slots — with Resource Scheduling, emergencies are dynamically allocated across the whole field workforce.

Benefits of this feature
  • Know there will be time available for high priority tasks when you need it
  • Set your own priorities and time slots to ensure your business and customers are supported
  • Identify exceptions with a button click to keep on top of things that matter

Exception Focus

When Resource Scheduling detects a problem, such as a job overrunning or a no-access visit, the plan is dynamically rescheduled and work is reallocated to ensure that every job is completed in the most efficient way.

Benefits of this feature
  • Know a problem can be resolved with limited user interaction by relying on the dynamic scheduling power
  • Keep your workday flowing by efficiently reallocating work when problems arise
  • Complete tasks first time by maintaining flexibility during your working day

Automated Workflow

Complete repetive, mundane or even bulk tasks with simple to configure Workflow Processes that take the effort out of your hands.

Benefits of this feature
  • Schedule and Reschedule tasks based on your rules
  • Bulk updates to data fields
  • Create follow ons appointments on demand

Automated Communications

Send text messages to your customers and resources from directly within Resource Scheduling. Combine this with the Services Workflow for a range of automated notifications.

Benefits of this feature
  • Increase your access rates using automatic message delivery based on your rules
  • Provide accurate information with customisable message templates
  • Reach out en-masse to provide alerts, updates and critical information

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  • How will Resource Scheduling software benefit my business?

    Implementing our Resource Scheduling software allows you to seamlessly blend appointed, planned, and responsive, last-minute work across your field-based workforce. Resource Scheduling allows a real-time view of your field operatives and their job status, helping you to stay on track. A truly dynamic scheduler like ours offers the most cost-effective and suitable time for a job which is complemented by route optimisation to help reduce no-access rates and missed appointments.

  • How will Resource Scheduling software assist in managing my field-based operation?

    Resource Scheduleing software allows you to define your human resources by different dimensions - such as skills, accreditations and languages spoken – and classify non-human resources, such as vehicles, materials, and special equipment. It automatically aligns the most appropriate resource to the right task using your organisation’s defined rules, helping to improve first-time-fix rates, customer service and productivity. Resource Scheduler helps you to understand every dimension of your operation through real-time reporting. This includes how you are measuring up to key performance indicators, how changes in appointment setting, customer demand and geographic elements are affecting performance and delivering actionable insight.

  • Are there additional modules?

    Yes, Resource Scheduling is designed to address new needs and challenges as your business grows. Adding more functionality whilst keeping the same foundation.

    1. Operative On Way - A real-time messaging and mapping service which alerts customers when their operative expects to arrive at their premises and allows them to follow their progress on a map
    2. Cyclical Servicing - An optional add-on module which allows you to bulk appoint, large batches of pre-planned visits
    3. Project Planner - an additional module that helps you manage complex, planned projects or interdependent cycles of work
    4. Integrated Mapping - Live mapping allows you to visualise routes and locate resources during the day. Coupled with Operative On Way, it creates a powerful tool to show real-time resource distribution
  • Who is Resource Scheduling software for?

    Resource Scheduling software is for organisations who have a mobile workforce and operate in housing, local and central government, social care, retail, utilities and many more.

  • How will Resource Scheduling software improve field team productivity?

    Resource Scheduling software holds information about your human resource, such as skills, accreditations, languages spoken etc. It also stores information about non-human resources such as vehicles, equipment and geography. This allows Resource Scheduling to allocate the most appropriate resource to the right task, enabling an average increase in worker productivity of 25 per cent.

    Resource Scheduling enables you to track performance against job type and worker. By drilling down into every job or task, managers can spot trends in changing demands to better match workforce to workload.

  • What key features are included in Resource Scheduling?

    Define your work and your resources to ensure that every permutation of work allocation is considered when scheduling tasks.

    Optimise appointments at the first point of contact – for your organisation and your customers.

    Gain real-time visibility of progress against the scheduled work and ensure that emerging day challenges are all taken in your stride.

    Respond by dynamically scheduling work based on operative availability, location, skills, and other factors.

    Understand every dimension of your operation through real-time reporting. How you are measuring up to key performance indicators and how changes in appointment setting, customer demand and geographic elements are affecting performance. Resource Scheduling delivers actionable insight.

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Have a question?

Speak to our Resource Scheduling consultants for personalised advice and recommendations.


0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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