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Market leading e-portfolio platform making up part of an unrivalled suite of solutions

Smart Apprentices provides end to end digital learner management system and e-portfolio system that offers a comprehensive hybrid learning platform for apprentices.

Our innovative suite of technologies for apprenticeship delivery is used by learners, employers and assessors within over 50% of Colleges in the UK. Our learner management and e-portfolio systems are highly customisable and enable you to track progression throughout the learning journey for apprenticeship standards, traineeships, NVQs, AEBs, SQAs, commercial courses and much more.

The bespoke learner management and e-portfolio evidences and maps KSBs; knowledge, skills and behaviours, automates dashboard reporting details learner progression against Ofsted three I’s framework and the latest legislative changes. Our solution is the only LMS to have customisable delivery milestones as well as offline apps, for both providers and employers. Our solution plots any off the job training, monitors gateway assessments and offers out of the box reporting with Ofsted audit compliance dashboards.

We have reduced the time staff spend doing repetitive, time consuming tasks to be able to focus on more high value activities. Our industry experts regularly review the software and update the system to ensure its compliance and relevance to the latest legislative changes.

Key capabilities

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"It allows access to off-the-job work for apprentices from day one."

Hannah Badman, Assessor



Welcoming you onboard



Starting your journey

Step 1

Mapping the project

The first step we have to take when starting your new project is to map out an exact plan of action. The meeting will cover key points such as: mapping out your data so we get a better understanding of your processes such as which systems you use, how many learners you have and how much data you have in your current systems.

Understanding your challenges

Step 2

Data mapping

Depending on which software you use, we can create a bespoke plan for moving information over from your old system to your new one and you will meet with our Data Lead to choose the right import method.

Planning your journey

Step 3

Uploading your qualifications on our systems

Whether you wish to offer a new qualification or want to upload existing ones our team are able to help you with what you need. We will populate Smart Assessor with your standards and frameworks, building these courses into your system in advance of your ‘go live’ date.

On the road to go live

Step 4


The final stage of your onboarding will be the training of your staff. This can be done in parallel with other processes running at the same time so that we hit your go live date on time.

Delivery up and running

Delivery and up and running

Once we execute the system, it will be live for learners and your wider organisation. Your client account manager will keep your teams trained and up to speed on system developments as we keep developing the products. Our support team will be able to assist on ad hoc queries.

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