Homecare Staff Rostering Solution

Whether you’re a local authority or private sector care provider, Staffplan from Advanced enables you to transform your scheduling, improve staff efficiency and focus on providing personalised care.


The social care system in the UK is under increasing pressure from an ageing population, limited and constrained funding, and competition with other care providers. With more and more people wishing to receive care within their own homes, the onus is on the providers to offer individualised, person-centred care at the service user’s convenience.

The expertise provided by our clinical team gives us an intimate knowledge of the challenges of the UK social care system, and we align our software development to reflect the individual needs of our customers and their clients. Our flexible solution for care worker rostering empowers users to drive efficient working practices and reduce reliance on paper-based schedules, while providing mobile support to care workers on the road. Used by over 1,000 homecare providers in the UK,  it also integrates with our visit monitoring solution, helping staff back in the office keep track of visit completion through landline or mobile technology. 

Key Benefits


Person-centred care

Take service user preferences into account when scheduling care workers


Reduced paperwork

Rosters can appear on care workers' mobile devices in real-time, and they can add notes to records while on the move


Cost-effective scheduling

Auto-allocate best-fit care staff for time slots or service user locations, reducing reliance on available agency staff

Our staff rostering solution, for efficient, person-centred homecare.

Person-centred care

Our solution allows you to record the preferences and needs of both your service users and your staff. This enables you to allocate the best-fit care worker for each visit at a person’s home when compiling your schedule, based on completed training, qualifications, and service user needs and preferences. People receiving care, and their families, can use portals to access information about their care, including visit times and details, ensuring service users are never left out of the loop.

Dramatic cost and time savings

Our homecare rostering solution enables you to reduce time spent on compiling the staff schedule – you can copy schedules from one week to the next, and the system will automatically direct you towards gaps needing to be filled, helping you quickly allocate shift times. The mobile element of our solution also empowers you to reduce paper, print and postage costs, by automatically delivering schedules to care workers’ own devices at the touch of a button.

An optimised visit schedule

Quickly and efficiently produce your staff roster using our smart auto-allocation tool, which takes into account staff absences, skillsets, and service user preference before populating the diary for you, helping you save time which may otherwise have been spent on reconciling individual worker’s schedules. The tool suggests care workers according to best-fit – so if a staff member can’t make it to a visit, you can see at a glance who is already carrying out visits in the local area. This helps you reduce your reliance on local agency staff, whose hourly costs are often high.

Integrated mobile working 

Ensure your service users are being cared for by staff who have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. Care workers are able to make notes and update care delivery details while away from the office directly on their mobile application, meaning there’s no need for them to travel between visits with stacks of paper-based notes. Automatic synchronising between mobile devices and the main system promotes instant data sharing, while our unique tool for mobile visit monitoring or electronic call monitoring (ECM) means you are more connected to remote workers than ever before.

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