Homecare Visit Monitoring Solution

Whether you’re a local authority or private sector care provider, our point-of-care solution, iConnect, enables you to monitor scheduled visits - allowing you to have confidence in your care delivery and promote lone worker safety.


The ageing population in the UK is leading to increased demand for multi-morbidity care, as well as a shift in care delivery trends towards more person-centred models. Funding constraints and staff recruitment and retention issues are also contributory factors towards the pressure on the social care system. With more and more care providers offering individualised, person-centred care, service users are increasingly looking towards official reports on care standards for guidance on where and how to receive their care. This dependence on compliance means that care providers are required to carry out more detailed, time-consuming reporting tasks than ever before, in order to prove their service is safe and effective.

We support local authorities and independent homecare providers throughout the UK with our flexible, intuitive visit monitoring solution. With options to monitor visits through electronic call monitoring (ECM) or through mobile technology, staff at head office receive instant notifications when a visit begins and ends, meaning care workers on the road are able to keep on top of their schedule easily.

Key Benefits


Real-time visit monitoring

Promote service user and lone worker safety by tracking completion of scheduled visits in real time


Accurate information sharing

Changes or updates to schedules made at the office are automatically sent to the care worker's device


Person-centred care

Care workers can view notes and details for each service user before and during the visit, reducing risk

Our mobile visit monitoring solution, for local authorities and private homecare providers

A safe environment

Our solution supports your safe homecare delivery environment. The benefits of visit monitoring are twofold; you can gain peace of mind that your service users are receiving their scheduled care at the correct time, and you can keep track of lone workers while out on the road. If a care worker doesn’t call or touch-in at the location of a booked visit, the system will flag their absence immediately to the appropriate care manager, who can then carry out required checks. 

Streamline your office processes

We understand the necessary tasks associated with visit monitoring and timesheet reconciliation can be time consuming. However, with our solution in place, the system automatically generates electronic timesheets based on actual recorded visit data, helping your office staff accurately and efficiently process invoices and payroll. 

Mobile visit information sharing

Visit monitoring can also be carried out through barcodes using a mobile application, or chipped ID cards. These are tapped against a tag inside the service user’s home to similarly record visit timings. This data is automatically uploaded to your main solution, enabling staff in the office to receive accurate real-time visit completion data. 

Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM)

Gain full visibility of each visit completed by your care staff with electronic call monitoring. The care worker dials a freephone number using the landline at the service user’s home twice – once upon arrival, and again upon visit completion. Our solution processes the times of these calls and matches them to staff roster details, giving you greater visibility of visit completion and helping you ensure that service users are receiving care as scheduled.

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Our solution offers both landline and mobile visit monitoring, and can help you keep track of staff visits and service user care, integrate with your roster system and help you speed up time-consuming back-office tasks.

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