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Works Management

Making field service management simple

Pull disparate systems together to create a single view of data and tasks. Efficiently manage the job flow between central functions and your field-based workforce and coordinate cases with multiple teams or departments.

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Key features:

  • Asset Management

  • Stock Management

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • Work Order Management

  • Financial Management

  • Invoicing

Why choose Works Management

Simplify Management
Centralise critical information from numerous systems including customers details, service requests, field resources, stock, and assets.
Increase Visibility
Getting a view of valuable management information makes it easy to measure service provision against key business objectives and determine ways to continually improve performance.
Deliver Better Outcomes
Simplify your systems, automate processes and get management information that helps improve customer satisfaction.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products
Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top-quality results
Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up

Features and benefits

Holistic Work Management

Track the location of each of your field-based operatives to support lone worker safety and identify and apply operational improvements such as responding to emergency callouts.

Benefits of this feature
  • Highly customisable works management toolkit
  • Software that works for you, without you working for the software
  • Customisable Health and Safety, Business Support, HR and more at your fingertips

Customer Experience

Our Field Service Management suite of solutions is designed to help organisations to deliver exceptional field-based services first time.

Benefits of this feature
  • Capture the right data, the right way - your way
  • Keep your customers informed and bring them on the journey to support their needs
  • Respond quickly and accurately to requests through customisable screens, inputs and data captures

Job Costing

Our solution enables you to apply controls, with different work triggered dependent on cost to ensure meticulous budget management.

Benefits of this feature
  • Granular costing allows you to spot over and under runs faster and react more effectively
  • Stop overspending by setting limits on approvals
  • Report on errors and unexpected events as they happen to quickly resolve the issue


Works Management can invoice a single client contract at a time, across multiple jobs. The output is either a PDF or an electronic version if integrated to a Financial Management solution.

Benefits of this feature
  • Standard Integration coupled with a flexible Integration Service Bus for all financial systems to talk to
  • Flexible Invoicing output options to suit all your needs

Resource Management

Define your human resources by different dimensions, such as skills, accreditations and languages spoken, and classify nonhuman resources, such as vehicles, materials, and special equipment.

Benefits of this feature
  • Get the right resource, to the right task, every time
  • Share resources over your business to increase efficiency
  • Allocate your non-human resources without user intervention

Stock Management

To understand the materials, you have at your disposal, our suite offers stock management capabilities which ensures the right resource has the right materials to carry out a piece of work.

Benefits of this feature
  • Track stock in your Van, Drop Box or Warehouse to measure usage, costs and reorder levels
  • Specific allocations of Vans to Workers mean stocktakes and usage can be apportioned accurately
  • Flexible reporting to quickly respond to surges in demand or identify improvements

Mobile Working

Through tight integration with our Job Management product, Works Management can automatically request work items to be scheduled and, when the job is completed, automatically trigger the next part of the workflow.

Benefits of this feature
  • One-Touch updates and workflow progression to help limit your backoffice administrative overhead
  • Real-Time updates of progress and other pieces of data to help you schedule the next steps automatically

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  • What is Work Management software?

    Work Management software allows organisations to plan, track, organise and review both projects and non-project tasks with the objective of improving efficiencies and end-to-end processes. Our Works Management solution is for any organisation with customer and client field service responsibilities to enable case management, work, field resources, non-human resources and finance teams to be fully connected.

  • How will OneAdvanced's Works Management software benefit my field-based organisation?

    Work Management software is the glue which further unites the back-office functions to all other functions and services provisioned across the lifecycle of a field service management solution. Our solution allows you to co-ordinate cases with multiple work items spanning various teams, departments, or skills. This ensures that every item of work is conducted in the most efficient way possible, improving customer service and reducing costs.

  • What are the key features included in the Work Management software?
    1. Manage relationships with customers, clients, service providers and sub-contractors along with any contractual obligations in one single system.
    2. Stock Management capability to help support the movement of stock out, return stock to supplier, receive new stock, correct stock levels, and modify controlling levels.
    3. Financial Management including job costing, charging, work-in-progress, and invoicing to ensure job profitability.
    4. Integration with Advanced's Resource Scheduling solution helps to manage, plan and schedule large numbers of tasks at a single location as a complete project.
  • Is the OneAdvanced's Works Management software an integrated platform?

    Works Management seamlessly integrates with the other OneAdvanced field service solutions, namely Job Management and Resource Scheduling, to provide the complete platform to accomplish field service goals.

  • How much does OneAdvanced's Works Management software cost?

    Our pricing is calculated by looking at the number of field-based operatives on a user per license basis.

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Have a question?

Speak to our Works Management consultants for personalised advice and recommendations.


0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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