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Care Providers

Ensuring millions of people receive the care they deserve

As consumers use their increased purchasing power to drive care decisions you know that to strengthen relationships you need to provide transparency, value and convenience.

We understand the challenges you face to meet the increasing demand for health care services and reduce the rising cost of those services. Advanced works in partnership with you to address the costs of providing care, helping you to transition to value-based care and adapting to a realigned market. From community to homecare and mobile we simplify the complex, which is why our flexible technology achieves scale using care-focused reporting that manages regulations and risk.

Developed as a result of real market insight our solutions provide for greater efficiency in your back office ensuring your finances and people are managed with care, patient side our home care and residential care system manages episodes of care quickly and safely in the demanding context of out-of hours and on-demand care.

Focused solutions that enhance the care you provide

Our solutions have helped over 2,000 care providers to manage their staff and clients on a daily basis. We enable providers to increase operational efficiency, improve care delivery and meet stringent regulations. Through mobile working, we’ve also helped manage lone worker safety and allow live point-of-care recording. 

Touching millions of lives with Advanced Care Provider solutions

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We’re focused on your software solution. Working with Care Provider organisations to make the complex simple and deliver right, first time.

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