Cyber Security Services

Secure your IT with ISO 27001 and National Cyber Security Centre compliant services built to provide peace of mind in securing your organisation's future

  Per your organisation's requirements, our Cyber Security Services are tiered, providing service flexibility and choice beyond the standard support included with all of our services

What we can offer your Organisation

Our Cyber Security Services portfolio is built from modular tiered service offerings to provide our customers tailored solutions to meet their individual needs.

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Cyber Security Discovery Service

This service is made up of one tier. It is designed to provide basic security protection by evaluating your estate, scanning for vulnerabilities and PCI compliance, performing Cloud security configuration checks as well as extended endpoint protection. This extended endpoint protection sits alongside anti-malware and discovers anomalies in behaviour that may indicate a compromised endpoint.

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Managed Detection and Response Services

With these services, Advanced are committed to finding a threat and then fixing it in the fastest time possible. This helps better secure Cloud, hosted and on-premise IT infrastructure in both proactive and reactive ways. The service is available in three tiers, Standard, Enhanced and Premium, ensuring we can best meet your technical and commercial needs. 

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Why Cyber Security Services?

Ensuring your systems are safe and secure not only protects yourselves, but also your customers and your business. Be certain that your company is moving towards becoming more secure in the way that is best for your needs with our Consultancy Services, and Technical Assessments. We can also help you ensure that your business meets the Regulatory and Compliance levels that are required of it.

Protecting Data

Protecting your data

We can help you protect your data through appropriate technical controls; additionally, through our managed services, we deliver repeatable process-driven controls to ensure your data remains secure.

Securing Network

Securing your network

Our perimeter security controls, our security monitoring and our identity and access control capabilities help to ensure your network is secure.

Manage your incidents

Manage your incidents

With our security information and event monitoring, embedded security management services alongside our holistic incident management process, our managed services ensure that your incidents are proactively managed.



Our consultancy teams can help your business kick off your GDPR compliance programme.



Not only can we control the technological aspects of securing your network, we can also provide full control over who is and is not allowed to access parts of your system.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Securing your business will make customers feel safe, which will help to drive customer satisfaction.

Our partnerships

To ensure the delivery of quality services that meet all of your needs, we partner with security technology leaders to enhance our capabilities, the benefits of which directly support our customers

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We partner with industry-leading Alert Logic to deliver their specialist technologies, along with our expert services, to truly add value to your organisation. Together, our Cyber Security Services ensure you are protected 24x7x365 with methods in line with global best practices including NIST, ITIL and in compliance with ISO 27001.

To read more about Alert Logic's recognition as an industry-leader, follow this link to their feature in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services.

Our Cyber Security Services

  • Cyber Security Discovery Service
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service
  • Security Operations Centre (SOC)
  • Information Security Manager (ISM)
  • Online Security for end users
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security 
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) Protection & Distributed Denial of Service
  • Secure Email Protection
  • Server and Endpoint Protection
  • Two Factor Authentication 
  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Network Perimeter Protection 
  • Data Encryption Services 
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Services 

Additional insights to help you transform


  • Cyber Security measures to keep your business running

    We assess the current threat landscape, highlight specific threats targeting susceptible IT estates and explain security measures that you can introduce to ensure that you remain secure 24/7.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Cyber Security?

    Cyber Security is the activity around ensuring your systems are safe and secure not only protecting yourselves, but also your customers and your business. Main elements of this include protecting your data, securing your network, managing any incidents, aligning processes to the NIST framework and gaining ISO 27001 and Cyber essentials accreditations.

  • Why is Cyber Security important?

    The threat of cyber attacks has never been greater. In today's connected world, your organisation's exposure to attacks grows daily, risking the digital services that support your operations and growth. Securing your organisation is a necessity and needs to be a priority.

  • What Cyber Security Services does Advanced offer?

    Cyber Discovery Service, Managed Detection Response Service, PenTest-as-a-Service, Information Security Manager, Security Operations Centre outsourcing, Managed Active Directory, Cloud Security, EndPoint Management, Software & Asset Management, Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign On, Conditional Access Management.

  • What are 4 types of cyber attacks?

    Email phishing - typically when someone poses as a trusted source via an email that tricks you in to downloading malware or giving away vital information

    Ransomware - a type of malware that encrypts your files enabling the attacker to hold your data hostage and demand a ransom to restore access

    DDoS - a large network of computers flood an online resource to the extent that legitimate requests cannot be serviced

    Attack vectors - used to gain access to a computer or network in order to infect it with malware or steal data

  • What are best practises for Cyber Security over the internet?
    • Utilise a VPN where possible
    • Avoid pop-ups, unknown emails, and links
    • Use strong password protection and authentication
    • Connect to secure Wi-Fi
    • Enable firewall protection at work and at home
    • Invest in security education for users
    • Install security software updates and back up your files
    • Talk to your IT department

News & Opinions

BLOG // 11-06-2020

3 Considerations for Cyber Security in the New Normal

by Justin Young, Director of Security and Compliance, Advanced

3 Considerations for Cyber Security in the New Normal

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