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Along with our Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Services expertise we can turn your data into one of your organisation’s greatest assets and make sure that you are using it in the most beneficial way. Our experience with Business Intelligence projects is vast, and our matured approach allows for us to be able to recommend a variety of solutions, adapted to your business needs.

Machine LearningMachine Learning is a rapidly growing area of analytics; whether it be from analysing libraries of textual data to inform government policy, scanning pension data to automatically recommend better savings plan for the future, or reducing workload in the legal sector, Advanced has brought innovative solutions to our customers where even a few years ago answers were simply not possible.
The advent of the Cortana Intelligence Suite has opened a new era in Business Intelligence and applied Machine Learning, allowing new ways of interacting with data and algorithms, deploying and scaling complex solutions without worrying about infrastructure, and visualising the results of complex predictive modelling in intuitive and straightforward dashboards.
These tools are easy to integrate with Power BI, and the high complexity of their algorithms is completely transparent to business-users using R and other tools, who can consume the analytics results in Power BI.

Power BIFor every organisation, having data at decision makers, managers and even front-line staff fingertips which they can slice-and-dice on the fly is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Microsoft PowerBI enables data-based decision making across your organisation, accessed from traditional dashboards, laptops, tables or mobile devices. With powerful capabilities to integrate information, including gold-standard datasets, operational systems data, and local proprietary data (including spreadsheets on your desktop) in a way which ensures the integrity of your core systems, PowerBI needs to be part of your corporate data strategy.
PowerBI is phenomenally easy to use, but needs to be implemented with best practice to ensure you get the most from your data. Advanced’s long experience and expertise recognised by Microsoft can mean the difference between an implementation which never gains widespread adoption, and a complete success.

Big Data & Azure HDInsightFor many organisations, self-service business intelligence is no longer enough and more insightful analysis is required. Recognised by Forrester as the leader in the Cloud Hadoop Wave, Azure HDInsight brings all the power of Hadoop with the flexibility of open-source analytic clusters for Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase, Storm, Kafka, and Microsoft R Server.
A cloud-based approach brings ease of use and a pragmatic cost structure which is transforming the use of Big Data technologies. As a leading UK cloud service broker, Advanced’s detailed knowledge of data compliance issues and technical options can get you started with your Big Data initiatives quickly, safely and with confidence.

Management ReportingWhile Big Data can drive your organisation to new places, it is management reporting and clear, insightful dashboards which can ensure stable business success now. Knowing that you are targeting the right metrics is as important as hitting the numbers, which is why we follow a strategic, top-down approach to management reporting to ensure clarity and support from the executive team.
With management dashboards, the key is often to increase security, improve communications and to provide support with operational transformation. Management reporting initiatives are often tied to cost-savings exercises, where very manual processes are replaced with automated reporting systems which can save days of effort every month. Our consultants are not only experts in business intelligence and reporting, but also in data flow and business process and consider not only the final report, but how the system is used as a key metric to our customer’s success.

Data WarehousingWe know that the best possible source for quality data is a well-designed data warehouse, and we know how to get you there. Good decision making drives sales, reduces risk, increases customer satisfaction and boosts productivity. It is no secret that good data is the key to good decision making – and a well-designed data warehouse is the basis of this.
We provide proven processes, products and professional services that allow you to consolidate data from your various systems into a data warehouse designed to meet your business needs. Once implemented your data warehouse can be used to drive reporting, as a platform for business intelligence, and to provide information to your customers through your website and mobile devices.

Data Quality and CleansingDiscover, cleanse, de-duplicate and improve your enterprise data so you can better utilise information and improve operational efficiency
For most organisations data is potentially one of their greatest assets. However, many are unable to get the most from their data because it is out of date, inaccurate, incomplete and duplicated. We provide unique solutions to these data quality problems, combining three key components to help you successfully implement a data quality strategy that meets your individual requirements:
Rules-driven, easy to use product, providing automation and repeatability
Established methodology, ensuring your project is delivered on time and on budget
Professional services delivered by experienced consultants.
We work collaboratively with your business to define the problems, understand all the data sources and design the solution. Our proven tools enable automation and repeatability to reduce risk and errors, while our project management brings teams together and controls all the project resources.

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We have first-hand knowledge of compliance requirements, including issues around PII, GDPR, and the Cloud.



We have tried and test analytics implementation experience. We also have deep experience in a wide range of intelligence technologies so we can recommend the best for your organisation.

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