Managed Hosting Services

Over the last 10 years, we have developed a comprehensive Managed Hosting Service to support our customers and enable them to reduce costs. Irrespective of their size, all our customers receive a consistent and reliable service, assured through our Security Services, and fully supported by our UK-based Data Centres and Service Desks. These are all underpinned by contractually agreed service levels.

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Understanding key issues


Infrastructure management

Managing your infrastructure and ensuring it is working optimally for your applications is an arduous, complicated and expensive task. Lack of effective management will hold your organisation back.

Architecting environments

Using multiple apps to support your everyday work is complicated by the struggle of having to architect an environment that enables each app to perform at its optimum.

Disaster recovery

From natural disasters to cyber attacks, when your IT system fails you need to be able to recover. Without consistent backups and effective recovery plans, your business will suffer.

Technology expertise

Not all digital strategies have been built, or are being executed, by technology experts. This can mean that you can arrive at your destination e.g. the Cloud, but there are other outcomes that do not work for you.

Expensive solutions

Scaling your technology to meet your requirements can increase your costs. Not only do you have to consider licence costs, but also the purchasing of hardware to support your software.

A strong security posture

Embracing technology will only truly benefit your organisation if it is done securely. This requires meeting stringent regulations and enforcing strict processes.

How our Managed Hosting Services can help you


Additional insights to help you transform


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