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Technology is a boundless force of business change, but all too often IT doesn’t deliver on that promise. Our Strategy and Transformation Consulting works with your CFOs, CIOs and senior managers to address immediate and long term opportunities and issues in a pragmatic, measurable and efficient manner with proven approaches.

Cloud and ITGet closer to your business strategy. CIOs, CTOs and CFOs are long-term, strategic thinking people and always want to help their business succeed. Nonetheless, many CIOs struggle to align IT strategy with business strategy.

The reasons are often very different. Sometimes it is because they don’t have the tools to speak the language of finance, or present ideas in a business case that will be persuasive to the board. Other times CIOs need an outside perspective that can benchmark them against other organisations in their industry, or simply the CIO needs someone who can do the research, sift the real issues from passing trends and have a focused discussion on the practical options.

Operational TransformationIn today's economy, technology is the heart of business change. Simply looking around makes this self-evident - without technology business as we know it could not function. Paradoxically the core role of IT in business change is often more evident to key executives than to the CIO, CTO and IT Manager.

Key executives outside IT often don’t know what is possible or have the language to translate latent aspirations of IT-enabled change into initiatives. CIOs, CTOs and IT Managers are also sometimes hesitant to take charge of major projects because they know internal IT processes need optimisation in order to handle a step change in performance.

Technical StartegyA dynamic organisation requires a solid technology foundation. A winning business strategy requires tactical dynamism - you must respond quickly to succeed and often IT is a key enabler in short term tactical solutions; whether that be getting closer to customers, cutting costs or launching a new product. A technical strategy which emphasises efficiency, common standards and extensibility enables that capacity for tactical business agility. We work with CIOs, CTOs, and IT Managers to define and implement a technical strategy. The focus of a technical strategy will change depending on the current and long terms issues and opportunities you face.

Why IT Strategy Consulting?

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Improved Customer Service

Creating relationships through mobile apps provides more value.

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Reduce Costs

Cheaper than closed code solutions due to less supporting services being needed.

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Increased Revenue

Outlets for employees to be more productive.

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