Accounting Software

Software for businesses that have outgrown Excel, Quickbooks or Sage.

One of the fundamental elements of Business Cloud Essentials (BCE) is a powerful finance and accounting engine that is ICAEW accredited. BCE provides all the essential components a small business needs from an accounting perspective. This includes a powerful unified ledger, multi-currency accounting, fully integrated fixed assets and much more.


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Unified Ledger Accounting

Unified ledger accounting

A hierarchical accounts structure ensures the system is easy to both use and understand. A range of transaction templates help eradicate mispostings and accounting errors.

Save time by removing the need to reconcile individual ledgers

Increase the flexibility of your accounting with a single book

Make financial reporting faster and easier with user-defined dashboards

Dynamic Excel functions

Report dynamically in the world's most popular reporting tool.

Drill down into the data held within Business Cloud Essentials

Export and explore your financial data in a familiar, easy-to-use way

Get a clear understanding of your financial health

Dynamic Excel Functions
multi Currency Accounting

Multi-currency accounting

Our fully compliant, multi-currency accounting system allows for buying and selling in over 160 currencies, making it easier than ever to do business globally.

Improve your supplier relations by being easier to do business with

Manage foreign exchange in a simple and fast way directly from HMRC

Reduce transaction costs

Customer and supplier invoicing

Track accounting against invoices within the system, providing clear traceability of customer and supplier payments, alerting you to when payments are overdue.

Enhanced view of cash flow

Improved account reconciliation

Clear view of incoming payments and outstanding invoices

Customer and Supplier Invoicing
Asset Management

Asset management

Inbuilt fixed asset register including depreciation calculations and Fixed Asset reports.

Increase business value and reduce loss

Instant visibility of asset life

Inbuilt warranty tracking

Project tracking

Track and report on specific project transactions, enabling you to get a clear view of all finances associated with a particular project, while monitoring status and outcomes.

Monitor profit and loss for individual orders, accounts, and projects

Get a clear understanding of which projects are most profitable

Make quicker decisions to accelerate cash flow and overall project profitability

Project Tracking


Create, upload and report against budgets, actuals and variances.

Enhanced precision over finances and performance

Gain greater control over your spend

Stay on top of your financial goals

Simple payroll processing

With Business Cloud Essentials, payroll is built into the monthly Software-as-a-Service subscription, so you can reduce costs by bringing payroll directly into the heart of your business operation.

Payroll integrated into the rest of the business operation

Meet legislative requirements

Detailed analysis of labour costs

Simple Payroll Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is financial health important?

    Financial health is the general state of a company’s wellbeing, based on a variety of financial metrics. It is critical to be aware of your financial health, as this can highlight whether you’re in a good position (which is perhaps a good time to invest), or whether you’re in a more perilous position (in which case it might be time to cut costs).    

  • What is Making Tax Digital?

    Making Tax Digital is a Government initiative that will eventually change the way we all submit our taxes. There are different compliancy deadlines that are dependent on your company’s unique circumstances. The idea behind submitting tax digitally is to reduce errors, to make tax more transparent and to make life easier for businesses.

  • What is the difference between accounts payable and accounts receivable?

    Accounts payable is the money you owe to suppliers. Accounts receivable is the money customers must pay to you.

  • What is forecasting in finance?

    With regards to finance, forecasting is the process of making predictions about your company’s future financial performance. By analysing past data, it becomes easier to determine what might happen going forward. These forecasts can dictate how a company decides to budget for the year, and can be influenced by aspects such as anticipated sales.

  • What is financial analysis and reporting?

    Financial reporting is the collation of financial data in a structured way, so that it is easier to understand. Financial analysis is to then extract meaning from this report, in order to better understand your business, and to make smart decisions. 

  • What is a ledger in accounting?

    A ledger is a book or collection of accounts in which account transactions are recorded.

  • What is invoicing in accounting?

    An invoice is a document that records a transaction between a supplier and a customer. It shows which products have been purchased, and how much they cost.

  • How secure are Cloud-based systems?

    Cloud-based systems are known for being more secure than other systems, as everything is stored online, rather than in a vulnerable (physical) location. Security-related updates can be implemented instantly in a Cloud-based system. Cloud software providers will back up your business data in secure data centres, making sure you can never lose valuable company information. 

  • What is payroll and how does it work?

    Payroll refers to the processes surrounding the payment of wages from an employer to an employee. Many employees are paid monthly and will have an agreed upon salary for the year. It’s up to the company to submit the taxes (related to this pay) to HMRC in a compliant manner. 

  • Is Business Cloud Essentials recognised by HMRC?

    Yes. Business Cloud Essentials is a verified payroll submitter under HMRC.

  • What happens if HMRC’s legislative requirements change?

    Business Cloud Essentials is frequently updated. If any changes occur with HMRC’s legislation, we’ll incorporate these alterations into our updates (so that users can be compliant immediately). 

  • Does Business Cloud Essentials allow me to buy and sell in multiple currencies?

    Yes. Business Cloud Essentials allows you to buy and sell in over 160 currencies worldwide.

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Overview of Business Cloud Essentials

ICAEW accredited – our Manufacturing Software unifies all elements of your business, allowing for complete control over finances, operations, production, payroll, contacts and more. Business Cloud Essentials enables manufacturers to grow, by bringing the factory floor and office floor together.

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