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Scale your business potential with MRP software

Business Cloud Essentials includes powerful MRP (Materials Requirements Planning) functionality to manage your manufacturing operation. Including Bill of Materials, production planning, quality management and batch traceability functionality, our MRP software is designed to look after your manufacturing processes end to end.


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Production Planning

Production Planning

Deliver more on time with our production planning functionality. Schedule works orders in the system and receive instant feedback on the progress of work.

Meet your customers’ demands by knowing exactly when product will be ready

Get a clear review of the status of orders and where they are in the production cycle

Gain complete control of the manufacturing process

Bill of Materials (BoMs)

Unlimited depth BoMs allow users to create complex product configurations and stock interdependencies, streamlining the manufacturing process and reducing reliance on paper.

Manage BoMs within Business Cloud Essentials alongside your orders and stock control, streamlining the production and stock processes

Easily understand what stock is required for different orders

Be more efficient with a leaner, more efficient approach

Bill of Materials
Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning

Save time with automatic calculation of stock requirements against future orders. MRP can raise internal works orders and external purchase orders to ensure that stock is available.

Deliver more on time to your customers by saving time on planning and calculations

Reduce excess inventory by using the correct amount of stock

Complete accuracy over calculations with no room for human error

End to end traceability

A full serial numbering and batch traceability system allows users to track individual products, components and sub-assemblies though the system – and takes care of after sales and warranties.

Complete traceability across the entire production and manufacturing process

Deliver quality products and customer service

Ensure compliance with ISO rules and regulations

End to End Traceability
Quality Management

Quality management

Quality assurance can be monitored and reported in the system with ease. Non-conformances can be entered and updated for prevention and continuous improvement.

Ensure your products are delivered to the highest possible quality

Get visibility of the entire end to end manufacturing process

Improvement your product and make sure customer expectations are always exceeded

Warranties, service and repairs

Manage the repair of client inventory items, and the work of your service team. Track warranties and record all repairs and interactions with the client.

Get notified when repairs are due

Easily track inventory items and work of your service team

Record all repairs in one place

Warranties, Service and Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is traceability?

    Traceability is the process of tracking every material or product throughout the production cycle. It’s important to do this as it gives you greater visibility of your supply chain. This helps you to identify problems, increase efficiency, and ensure items are sourced ethically.

  • What is batch production?

    Batch production is a method in production, whereby products that are the same (or very similar) are made in a batch, rather than making one at a time. It is an approach that increases efficiency, as it saves time, energy and money to produce items in this manner. It also ensures waste can be reduced, as you can create batches that are of a relevant size for the given demand at that moment.

  • What is productivity?

    Productivity is the amount of output generated by a company, in relation to the input that was necessary to achieve this. In manufacturing, output is any finished product ready to be sold to customers. Input can be a combination of things like time, energy, materials and machinery.

  • What is just-in-time manufacturing?

    Just-in-time manufacturing is an inventory management strategy that is useful for reducing waste and increasing efficiency. The central idea is to only possess stock when you absolutely need it, rather than stockpiling items. You’ll make an order from a supplier, only if there is demand from a customer. 

  • What is efficiency?

    Efficiency is all about getting the most out of the resources at your disposal. Being able to have a high rate of production, but by using as little time, energy and materials as possible. Zero waste is a good indicator of efficiency.

  • What is a bill of materials?

    A bill of materials is a collection of information surrounding raw materials, such as the amount of any given material that a company has. Business Cloud Essentials allows users to create complex product configurations, with its bill of materials functionality.

  • What causes production bottlenecks?

    A bottleneck is when an issue occurs within a certain part of the supply chain, that causes the whole production cycle to slow down (or completely stop). There are many examples of potential bottlenecks, including a faulty machine, or a supplier that has failed to deliver parts on time. 

  • Does Business Cloud Essentials help my business to grow?

    Yes. Business Cloud Essentials is designed to transform small to medium-sized businesses, through the facilitation of growth. This growth becomes possible through the automation (and scaling up) of production processes.

  • Does Business Cloud Essentials unify all my business operations?

    Yes. Business Cloud Essentials is an all-encompassing solution that ties all your operations together. This creates greater clarity and cohesion, and enables powerful reporting.

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Accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Business Cloud Essentials (BCE) helps you to worry less about your finances. Spend less time crunching numbers, and more time maximising profits.

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ICAEW accredited – our Manufacturing Software unifies all elements of your business, allowing for complete control over finances, operations, production, payroll, contacts and more. Business Cloud Essentials enables manufacturers to grow, by bringing the factory floor and office floor together.

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