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What to do when Sage 50 Manufacturing becomes an end-of-life product


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Sage 50 Manufacturing: end-of-life 30 September 2021.

What are your alternatives?

Sage 50 Manufacturing is coming to the end of its life in September, which gives existing users of the software an urgent decision to make.

If a system becomes end-of-life, the developers will stop updating and supporting it, meaning that anyone still using the solution will have no access to help if they encounter a problem.

Customers will ultimately need to find a replacement well in advance, in order to avoid being in this scenario.   

Our Cloud-based manufacturing software, Business Cloud Essentials (BCE), has all of the essential functionality you’d expect from a manufacturer-specific solution.

BCE posseses the power to bring all core functions of your business together aiming to streamline processes which will enable you to deliver on time, worry less about finances and spend less time firefighting.





Business Cloud Essentials: Overview


The benefits of Business Cloud Essentials

Integrated system

A fully integrated system with single sign on. There is no need to purchase seperate products and add ons like Sage 50 Manufacturing typically is for their accounting software. An integrated system will save you time and money.


Single version of the truth

Possessing your entire dataset in one location is an incredibly powerful tool to have as you are eradicating data duplication, as all employees are obtaining statistics from the same source.   


Real time reporting

Reporting capabilities are drastically improved as BCE is able to pull together up-to-the-minute information from any segment of your business, you’ll have constant access to a snapshot of your overall financial health.

Cloud-based software

You can access BCE anytime, anywhere and on any device. This is perfect for the new way of working


e-Commerce functionality which will automate your online sales and integrate with the rest of your business, ensuring you have the correct amount of stock available. 


Making Tax Digital and Brexit compliant

Recognised by HMRC and is up-to-date in regards to submitting tax digitally, allowing you to do it with ease.

Brexit compliant with changes such as VAT and invoicing. BCE will continue to update with regards to any future changes to ensure you are always compliant.

 How easy is it to switch?

It couldn’t be easier to switch to Business Cloud Essentials from Sage 50 Manufacturing. The whole undertaking is made to be as smooth as possible and is accompanied by the extra efficiency gained.       

We have three unique onboarding packages (Start, Flex and Ultra), one of which will be suitable for your current business requirements. You can choose the level of assistance you need, and the speed at which you want to complete the switch.    

Training can be provided as part of the implementation process, in order to help with adjusting to your new system. e-Learning is ready available so you and your team can learn at your own pace.

BCE is intentionally simple to use so your team will be up-to-speed in no time.

If you’re a Sage 50 Manufacturing customer, and you need to find an alternative before the 30 September deadline, feel free to contact us for a free demo of Business Cloud Essentials.