Stock Control

Delete your spreadsheets, and get ready to manage stock within Business Cloud Essentials.

Inventory management software is another must-have for small businesses. Many businesses do this manually, using paper, whiteboards, or excel. However, this can be time-consuming and lead to inaccuracies. The stock control functionality within Business Cloud Essentials makes it easy to keep on top of the inventory within your warehouse, and to gain a clear understanding of traceability, stock levels, and stock planning.


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Integrated Stock Management

Integrated stock management

Having all your data in one system reduces instances of duplication. There's a single version of the truth, with up-to-date information always at your fingertips.

Ensure you have the right amount of stock, are able to fulfil orders, and can meet customer promises

Get a clear understanding of stock locations so you can plan effectively

One version of the truth available to all departments, whether they are in the warehouse, the office, or at home

Stock planning

Bill of Materials and process routings, to provide accurate costings and margin analysis.

Simplify a complex production schedule and process

Reduce waste by ordering the exact amount of materials that are required

Become more efficient and profitable by spending more wisely on stock

Stock Planning
Demand Planning

Demand planning

Calculate actions based on forecasts, demand, min/max levels, lead times, and supplier preference.

Reduce lead times and meet customer demand

Forecast accurately on both profit and time to order

Enhance order tracking with a real time view of statuses

Serial and batch traceability

Quickly trace goods from point of receipt/creation, through to point of sale (and back again).

Comply with standards and legislation across manufacturing/production industries, such as ISO 9000 and (EC) 178/2002

Ensure your product is of a high standard and can be trusted by customers

Improve operational efficiency in production

Serial and Batch Traceability
Stock Reporting

Stock reporting

Use a range of inbuilt and customisable stock reports/dashboards, to make informed decisions, with information that's always up-to-date and accurate.

Get a clear understanding of stock availability across multiple locations

Customisable reports means individual users can see information relevant to them

Accurate view of real time stock information so you can respond quickly to stock changes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is inventory management?

    Inventory management is any method a company uses to maintain its inventory effectively. Ensuring there is enough stock to fulfil orders, but not having so much inventory that materials will go to waste.

  • What makes an effective supply chain?

    To have an effective supply chain you must have good visibility of the entire chain. From the sourcing of materials, to the creation of products, all the way through to logistical processes, and the delivery to a customer. It’s crucial that all these separate parts are performing optimally, and that they are all connected to one another in some way. This is where Business Cloud Essentials comes in.

  • What is supply chain risk management?

    Supply chain risk management is any measure taken to protect your company from the risks that threaten your supply chain. This can include proactive measures, in order to prevent something from happening in the first place. There are external risks, for example, environmental/political risks, and then there are internal risks, that are more within your control.

  • What is stock control and why is it important?

    Stock control, similar to inventory management, is the process of maintaining appropriate levels of stock so that your business can survive and thrive. You need enough to be able to meet customer demand, but not too much so that materials and money are going to be wasted. This is vital as it will have an impact on your finances and customer satisfaction.

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