Cash Flow Forecasting Solution

At Advanced, we understand that finance leaders need to be able to predict how scenarios may affect the businesses cash position at a C-Suite and Board Level, accurately and with little time to prepare. In times where a tight control over your cash flow is increasingly important, let technology lead the way, take away manual processes and speed up the way you work.


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How can it help you?

Reimagine your finance team with a solution that will help you get ready for tomorrow. Spot problems, track business growth and success to ensure the finance team leads the way in your organisation’s growth. 



Identifies potential shortfalls in advance

Get one step ahead by forecasting where your cash flow will be this time next week, month or year allowing the business to adjust, plan and adapt.


Save time on manual processes

No longer spend hours manipulating financial data to get it to work for you – get future visibility quickly and easily. 


Brings the finance team to the forefront of strategy 

Influence business decisions with a clear understanding of where your business is headed, having clear facts to back strategy plans. 


Grow your business 

Make the right decisions which are going to improve your growth and help your business succeed. 


Explore potential scenarios

Ask key financial questions and explore what will and won’t work for your business by building ‘what if’ scenarios and modelling impacts.


Key features

Guide strategy and let the finance department lead the way with a solution which lets you explore different scenarios.

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Powerful Predictions

Predicts cash inflows and outflows for a specified period and bands (daily, weekly, monthly) and by financial period.

Let technology lead the way

Reduce reliance on complicated spreadsheets.

Powerful functionality to support you

Ability to produce a consolidated cash flow incorporating more than one company.


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