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Having the space to focus on humans, not resources, has remained a key challenge for HR teams throughout the pandemic. What if you could make HR more human?

HR teams often get bogged down in endless admin tasks. Ageing technology and a hefty work load means focus is diluted, creativity is stifled, and often our focus goes to who shouts the loudest rather than where HR teams can add real value to their people.

We’ve designed Cloud HR so you can better support your employees’ needs - both now and in the future. We believe HR teams are pioneers, not task robots.

One single sign on gives HR teams and employees quick and simple access to all HR functionality, whether that be booking annual leave, logging sickness, logging a personal development plan or booking training. We provide easy tools so that HR teams and employees can focus on what matters: making HR more human. 





Your Key Challenges


Rigid technology that doesn't support future growth

Systems are outdated and don't offer the flexibility and scalability to enhance the employee experience and lighten the burden of HR teams. What could you achieve if your technology wasn't a barrier?

Can't easily access and report on employee data

Your current system doesn't offer insight into employee sentiment, flight risks or internal mobility. What if your HR team could view a simple dashboard with everything they needed?

HR staff are overwhelmed with admin tasks

You have limited or no self-service capabilities within your existing solution, and HR teams spend the majority of time taking enquiries from employees. What if HR teams could be pioneers, not task robots?

You have a large and diverse workforce

Employee expectations are changing and vary across different departments. Your current solutions aren't robust enough to handle this. What if you didn't have a gender or diversity pay gap?

Your system isn't designed for your business

Tasks and processes require a lot of extra manual work, creating inefficiency and wasting time. What if you could focus solely on your people strategy?

Employees require mobile and remote access to systems

With employees spending more time working from home and out of the office, you don't have the technology to support the changes in working patterns.  What if your teams could define a working pattern that suits them?


The Power of Doing Less

MyWorkplace gives your team acess to all the tools they need, when they need them. In one place. Raise a PO. Book annual leave. Request travel. Buy stationery. Run a report. All at the click of a button.

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How our HR Software can help you


Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA)

Your HR team didn't take up a career to complete manual tasks, and your people just want to get the job done. That’s where AVA comes in. AVA takes care of the repetitive – letting your employees focus on getting the job done.

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Our Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) helps cut out manual tasks and makes it easier to get work done

“With one online database in Cloud HR we can access all our people information instantly. We are also confident that the information is accurate and up-to-date, which is not always the case if you are using multiple spreadsheets and manually importing and copying data."

Enite Andrews, HR Manager

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“One of the key results so far has been the reduction of input time for the team. The HR team has been able to move away from spending the majority of the day on data entry and working through transactions to looking at more value added data and understanding what the data in the system is actually telling us."

Jennifer Docherty, HR Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will Advanced HR software benefit my business?

    Our HR solution, Cloud HR, takes care of the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement. Through a combination of core HR functionality, instant online access and an all-inclusive reporting suite, Cloud HR delivers unrivalled maintenance of your organisation’s full employee lifecycle. Cloud HR is designed to be flexible to the needs of your people, empowering employees to self-serve and access the system anytime, anywhere. Cloud HR reduces the administrative burden on HR teams, so you can focus on investing valuable time into activity that is going to enhance the employee experience and increase retention.

  • Who will benefit most from HR software?

    Cloud HR software is beneficial to everyone in the business. It means HR teams can invest more time in activity which is going to improve employee satisfaction and make your business a better place to work. Employees will also benefit from being able to self-serve information, such as easily booking annual leave or looking up policies, allowing them to get on with their main activities. 

  • What key features should I look for in HR software?

    Solid HR software must be able to look after the entire employee lifecycle. This includes features that support all elements of employee management such as absence management, appraisals, starters and leavers, self-service and workflow, salary and benefits. Ideally, HR software should also have integrated training management, applicant management, reporting and payroll to enable HR teams to have all elements of people management in one place.

  • How can I improve the productivity of my HR team?

    Managing sickness and absence, appraisals, training, recruitment and starters and leavers can become really complex when information is either paper-based, kept in spreadsheets or on disparate systems. Providing one central system for both HR teams and employees to record information is critical to removing admin headaches and increasing productivity. 

  • How do I calculate ROI from an HR system?

    You can calculate your return on investment (ROI) in an HR system in many ways. The first is from the increased time savings and efficiencies in your HR team. How many minutes and hours are being saved by automating tasks and having less admin to do? Over time, this makes a huge difference to the capacity of an HR function. You can also measure ROI in employees retained as a result of having an HR team more focused on their people. The cost of recruitment and churn of employees is extremely high - being able to retain engaged employees is a huge cost saver for businesses.

  • How much does HR software cost?

    At Advanced, we work on a per employee per month (PEPM) Software as a Service (SaaS) price model. This makes the cost of Cloud HR easier to manage and means you can scale up as your business and workforce grows.

  • What is the advantage of using Cloud-based HR software?

    The events of the past few months have shown that Cloud-based software is now not a desire but an absolute ‘must have’ for HR teams. HR teams need to be able to report on employee trends and understand workforce data, and employees want to be able to self-serve with ease, wherever they may be. Using Cloud software simplifies processes and makes it quick and simple for all teams to access tools.

  • How secure is my data in Cloud-based HR software?

    Using Cloud-based software is actually much more secure than on premise solutions. Cloud HR is backed up in our Tier 3 data centres, meaning your data and system has one of the highest levels of security possible.

  • Can Cloud HR software be implemented remotely?

    Yes. The beauty of Cloud HR being a Cloud solution means we can implement it for your whole business remotely without setting foot in your office, removing health and safety headaches and allowing you to get up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Does Cloud HR work on a tablet or mobile?

    Yes. Cloud HR is a true Cloud solution and is available anywhere, anytime on any device. All you need is connection to the internet and a browser.

  • How does Cloud HR software optimise workflow processes?

    Cloud HR streamlines processes for HR teams, making it easier for them to report on employee information across the board. Having one solution covering the whole employee management landscape means that information is collected in one place in a standardised way, so your teams have a clear view of trends.

  • Is Cloud HR part of MyWorkplace?

    Cloud HR is launching on MyWorkplace this year.

  • Is Cloud HR software customisable?

    We understand that all organisations are different and structured in a variety of ways, so Cloud HR is flexible to your individual business needs. Unlike many other Cloud solutions, with Cloud HR you have the ability to customise the solution without any training, assistance or consultancy costs from Advanced. The system is easy to use and very flexible, and changes can be made by you quickly and easily.

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