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For Human Capital Management (HCM) teams, your people are your most valuable asset. However, ageing technology often makes it challenging for HR teams to manage a large and diverse workforce. We’ve designed Cloud HR so you can better support your employees’ needs - both now and in the future.

Through a combination of core HR functionality, instant online access and an all-inclusive reporting suite, Cloud HR delivers unrivalled maintenance of your organisation’s full employee lifecycle - improving employee experience while lightening the load of HR teams. Cloud HR is based on 30 years’ worth of experience in the HR market with our best-in-class solution, OpenHR, and the solution of choice for HR teams looking to graduate to the Cloud.




Understanding key issues


Rigid technology that doesn't support future growth

Systems are outdated and don't offer the flexibility and scalability to enhance the employee experience and lighten the burden of HR teams.

Can't easily access and report on employee data

Your current system doesn't offer insight into employee sentiment, flight risks or internal mobility.

HR staff are overwhelmed with admin tasks

You have limited or no self-service capabilities within your existing solution, and HR teams spend the majority of time taking enquiries from employees.

You have a large and diverse workforce

Employee expectations are changing and vary across different departments. Your current solutions aren't robust enough to handle this.

Your system isn't designed for your business

Tasks and processes require a lot of extra manual work, creating inefficiency and wasting time.

Employees require mobile and remote access to systems

With employees spending more time working from home and out of the office, you don't have the technology to support the changes in working patterns. 

How our HR Software can help you


Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates to our HR Software.

  • Cloud HR

    - Built on a user friendly and intuitive UX and UI 

    - Secure Cloud environment within Amazon Web Services

    - Support and updates included

    - Fully configurable 

    - Support and updates included

    - Available anytime, anywhere


  • OpenHR 9.2

    - New Case Management module

    - Extended platform support

    - ICS attachments now available on all system generated emails

  • OpenHR 9.1

    - New GDPR module for automating the management of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data

    - Subject Access Request workflows

    - Subject Access Request reporting

    - GDPR Management Reporting Packs

    - Revisions to system and workflow email generation including HTML support

    - Ongoing software compliance i.e SQL 2017 support

  • OpenHR 9.0

    - Updated modern look and feel to self-service landing pages

    - Full mobile 'adaptive' content for self-service and workflow

    - Extension of Test to Live for screens/tables/calculations and views

    - Multi-record workflow capability (e.g. expenses or worksheets)

    - Windows Server 2016 support

    - 29 customer satisfaction items

  • OpenHR 8.3

    - New organisation reporting

    - Platform extensions

“All of our training records are held within the HR software, allowing us to ensure that all of our employees have undertaken the necessary training applicable for their roles at Barhale. It is important to realise that in recent years a number of government legislation changes demand construction companies provide industry standard statistics. Thanks to the HR software we are able to report upon and provide this information when required.”

Stephanie Johnson, HR Manager

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“With one online database in Cloud HR we can access all our people information instantly. We are also confident that the information is accurate and up-to-date, which is not always the case if you are using multiple spreadsheets and manually importing and copying data."

Enite Andrews, HR Manager

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“One of the key results so far has been the reduction of input time for the team. The HR team has been able to move away from spending the majority of the day on data entry and working through transactions to looking at more value added data and understanding what the data in the system is actually telling us."

Jennifer Docherty, HR Manager

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Dedicated Support Team


24hr Customer Portal


Regular Product Updates


97% Project Delivery Score

Additional insights to help you transform


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BLOG // 06-01-2020

How has HR Changed Over the Last 20 Years?

by Alex Arundale, Group HR Director, Advanced

How has HR Changed Over the Last 20 Years?

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