CloudTrade has joined Advanced

We’re excited to announce that Advanced has acquired a leading data capture and document automation solution, CloudTrade!

CloudTrade provides organisations with data they can trust to equip their digital business, making documents and data more accessible and useful for the entire organisation.

The solution technology provides a non-disruptive way for organisations to receive and process documents, straight into their business applications, without human-touch.

Advanced has aquired_cloudtrade (1).png

“CloudTrade’s e-invoicing has completely transformed our function and we are delighted with the success of the project. To have 40 percent of our invoices coming through the system within three months of going live is a fantastic achievement, and will have a major impact on how the trust operates going forward.”

Finance Assistant Director

“Intelligent Ordering proved to be a real game changer for us, and we quickly began to reduce the order processing burden from our Customer Service Teams. Within 5 years, we had grown our digital channels from less than 1 in 50 orders to processing 1 in 8.”

Paul Burton, Digital Adoption Manager

  • NHS Foundation Trust
  • Arco