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Our Contract Management software is a Cloud-based solution that enables you to electronically manage contracts. It supports you from the initial creation, collaboration and workflow control for the signing of the documents, through to the ongoing management and performance monitoring of suppliers and associated spend savings, for the lifecycle of the contract. 

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Understanding key issues

Inefficient processes

Managing the creation and approval of contracts via email, PDFs or Excel is a laborious task. Over time, there are increased chances of errors – and even loss – too.

Reactive not proactive

Offline management of contracts, and monitoring performance against them is time consuming and so only happens periodically or at the end of the contracts. This means that realising the optimum ROI for a supplier contract is often missed.

Poor traceability

If organisations are unable to understand where they are sourcing items fromit’s far harder to meet sector-specific initiatives, such as increasing the use of local suppliers.

Poor communication levels with suppliers

Maintaining relationships and ensuring you are receiving the best prices with large pools of suppliers is increasingly difficult.


How our Contract Management software can help you


Dedicated Support Team


24hr Customer Portal


Regular Product Updates


97% Project Delivery Score

"The collaborative, dynamic and flexible approach from our Advanced contacts has ensured that the deployment and ongoing development continues to impress and inspire our procurement team."

Sonia Soni, Procurement Buyer

"Advanced has proven to be a highly responsive partner – the close collaboration with the university is driving innovation that benefits the whole of the higher education sector."

Kerry Syks, Deputy Director of Finance

“We can now procure goods and services more efficiently than ever before and have much greater control over procurement, while being smarter about what we procure and from whom. This has allowed us to more tightly manage costs."

Richard Parker, Head of Financial Accounts


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