The importance of speed, power and flexibility for the Distribution & Logistics industry.

For the majority of distribution organisations, keeping up with the pace of change and demand from customers is a huge challenge. Businesses are faced with the challenges of trying to minimise staff turnover, reduce training time and being able to pass down their values onto employees.

In order to deal with these challenges, Advanced have market specific software which is built differently to help you deliver more on-time, retain your staff and adapt to new adversities.

At Advanced, we offer a suite of market-leading solutions that deliver Logistics and Distribution firms Speed, Power and Flexibility.

Market Challenges


Not being able to deliver on time

Being able to remove manual processes and tasks has a big impact on businesses. Adopting new technology can help organisations deliver on time, decrease the customer buying cycle and increase customer loyalty.



High staff turnover

An increased employee satisfaction and engagement can lead to improved efficiency. Logistics and distribution organisations need to ensure their solutions help reduce time spent on training and admin tasks.


Legislation changes

The constant changes to market legislation can make it difficult for businesses to scale and plan ahead. This often leads to possible shortages in staff. Keeping on top of compliance can also be an admin minefield for HR teams.



Struggling to scale business

Businesses are always looking to increase productivity. The automation of tasks that take up valuable time can help to build better processes which speed up production time.


Payroll time consuming and inaccurate

Many organisations struggle to improve payroll accuracy which can lead to disgruntled staff and retention issues. Having a precise payroll software means you can get it right every time.


Labour Costs

Excessive labour costs can negatively impact a company’s financial health. Getting staff numbers right means money is saved and profits and financial forecasts are improved.

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