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Docman Connect is a cost effective solution for transferring documents and data securely to GPs electronically, in line with NHS standards. Available to all healthcare providers, it is the only service that delivers clinical correspondence into the GP’s workflow system of choice. Docman Connect is a Cloud-based, scalable solution, which can support the NHS and independent healthcare providers of all sizes to achieve their transfer of care requirements.

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Understanding key issues


Outdated transfer methods

A large number of healthcare organisations still rely on outdated methods such as post, fax or email to send clinical documents.

No audit trail for documents

Using outdated methods to send clinical document means there is a lack auditability and visibility of the document journey.


Not all health and care organisations have connectivity with the N3 Network or Health & Social Care Network (HSCN).

Send documents out of area

Health and care organisations need the ability to send documents locally and nationally.

Document security

Health and care organisations have an obligation to maintain the security and integrity of clinical documents.

How Docman Connect can help you


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Docman Connect?

    Docman Connect provides organisations with the ability to send clinical documentation to GP practices within 24 hours, regardless of their GP system of choice, to comply with NHS standards.

  • What are the benefits of transfer of care software?

    Docman Connect can send clinical documents nationally to GP practices regardless of their GP system. Docman Connect also provides a full audit of all documents throughout its sending process. As it is a Cloud-hosted solution, it doesn’t require any on-premise infrastructure.

  • How will transfer of care software seamlessly send documents to GP practices?

    Docman Connect allows sending organisations to send to any GP practice in England regardless of their GP system.

  • Will Docman Connect deliver an ROI for my organisation?

    Typically, organisations that have utilised Docman Connect recognise ROI mainly in cost savings and time savings. Docman Connect can save providers up to £1 per document. It helps them streamline processes and reduces the time it takes to send, manage and chase rejections or lost documents. To get a bespoke ROI calculation for your organisation please get in touch.

  • Will transfer of care software deliver enhanced patient care?

    Docman Connect provides enhanced patient care as it sends clinical documents swiftly and securely to GP practices allowing for continued care of the patient.

"The solution is great. It is very stable, efficient and the fact we have gone live so quickly is just fantastic. It is a testament to all the providers working together to deliver for our patients.”

Gill Longhurst, Systems Analyst/Developer

"We see Docman being a key part of our services as we look to provide more NHS commissioned services in the coming 6 months due to its scalability to grow as we do.”

Dr Chris Whittle, Founder & CEO

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“Advanced has delivered a solution that is proven to meet the demands for delivering Transfer of Care documentation to GP practices which in turn helps us to continue to deliver high quality, person-centred care to our patients.”

Vicky Williams, Clinical Support Systems Manager

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“Docman is not just more effective, it is much simpler and more economical than the previous system. We used to post 4,000 letters a month, so postage costs alone have been reduced by circa £24,000 per annum.”

Anne Lamb, Director of Operations

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“We now have people who work across teams and in teams where they don’t use Docman Connect and they are asking why. This is a great testament to the product.”

Tracy Thompson, Outpatient Manager and Head of Administration

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  • University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust
  • Q doctor
  • Cheshire and Wirral NHS Foundation Trust
  • FDS Consultants
  • Black Country Healthcare NHS


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News & Opinions

PRESS // 15-05-2020

Advanced partners with national Private GP Service provider

by Ric Thompson, Managing Director - Health & Care

Private GP provider use Docman Connect to improve patient care

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