Docman Connect

Docman Connect is our transfer of care solution, which provides a revolutionary enhancement to the existing Docman Hub Network supporting STPs and providers achieve their transfer of care requirements.

Providers are using Docman Connect to send and receive a variety of clinical and non-clinical documents safely and securely, including electronic discharge summaries, ensuring timely delivery with a full audit trail.

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How can it help you?

We are fully committed to supporting the NHS Transfer of Care initiative and the emerging standards associated with the Clinical Documentation Architecture (FHIR) frameworks ready for when the principle GP suppliers can receive FHIR.

In the meantime, we are working closely with NHS Digital to ensure our Docman GP product, and our structured messaging platform Docman Hub are compliant for the transfer of structured messages between Primary and Secondary care organisations. Our solutions already comply with the current standards for sending structured messages and the standards for the Clinical Structure and Content of Patient Records.


No local infrastructure needed

Our Cloud-based system is a cost-effective solution without the need for dedicated hardware on site

Future proof in line with NHS standards

Organisations are ready and future-proofed against new emerging standards

Enhanced rejections and full auditability

Docman will pro-actively monitor all collection points and deal with system rejections

Key Features

Our solution allows you to increase the volumes of documents you send electronically by being connected to more GP Practices. With Docman Connect, you can automatically connect to every Docman GP Practice in England. This reduces your costs and creates time savings for staff by delivering more letters to GPs electronically.

Achieve digital Transfer of Care ambitions

Achieve digital Transfer of Care ambitions

With Docman Connect, correspondence is delivered quickly and securely to GP Practices nationally, out of area or across your STP footprint. We support STPs and providers to achieve their transfer of care requirements.

Safe, consolidated data processing

Safe, consolidated data processing

Clinicians can improve process quality and outcomes for patients by sending electronic documentation to any care setting, regardless of their infrastructure and digital maturity. 200,000 professionals are already part of the Docman Transfer of Care network.

Enhanced monitoring

Enhanced monitoring

Our enhanced monitoring services will provide peace of mind that all clinical documents are being delivered and processed as we will pro-actively monitor all collection points and deal with system rejections.

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"Docman reduces paper, eliminates the need for paper flow, improves patient safety and improves communication to and from providers."
Rut Patel, Senior Product Manager, Surrey & Sussex CSU
"The Acute [Trust] definitely benefits in the reduction of costs, but it’s not just the money that will be of benefit, as there are a lot of important time savings."
Denise Mumford, IT Programme Manager, Eastern & Coastal Kent & Medway
"We are always looking at how new technology can improve the way we do things across Scotland. Docman was rolled out about seven years ago and has been a real success."
Andy Robertson, Director, NHS National Services Scotland’s National Information Systems Group

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