Time to focus on humans, not resources

The demands on HCM teams are higher than they have ever been before.  With so many day to day distractions, HCM teams often struggle to adapt their people management strategy to meet the changing workforce dynamics.

We exist to help HCM teams cut through the noise. We believe that technology should reduce admin and enable HCM teams to do less paperwork, and open up the possibilities of what could be.

Through simple, accessible technology solutions we help HCM teams regain their focus on their people.

Get rid of the obstacles. Drive employee engagement. Achieve more.  

Because doing less, empowers possibility

Market Challenges


Talent in the digital age

With Generation Z now entering the workplace, HCM teams must understand how to effectively recruit and retain digital natives that will be your best advocates when adopting new technology.


Changing employee demands 

The traditional nine to five office working pattern is changing. HCM teams need to understand how they can incorporate flexible and mobile working to suit employees' needs.


Wellbeing and diversity

A happy and diverse workforce makes perfect business sense. HCM teams need to show that the wellbeing and contribution of their workforce is important - regardless of their ability and background.


Unpredictable legislation changes 

In a world of increasing complexity - think gender pay gap reporting, pay ratio reporting, Brexit and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - it's no wonder HCM teams often find it hard to keep up with compliance, distracting them from other key value add tasks.



To maximise their effectiveness and impact, HCM teams need data that is easily accessible, facilitated by systems that are integrated and “talk” to each other. Unified and accurate data promotes a smooth and unhindered employee experience.


Busyness culture 

In a connected world, where it is increasingly difficult to switch off, employers have a responsibility to ensure they provide their employees with the foundations for having an effective work/life balance.

Our Market Solutions

Explore our full range of Human Capital Management solutions that can help you grow your organisation

HR Software


Manage the employee lifecycle using our HR solution designed to support you with market, industry and legislative changes.

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Payroll Software


OpenPeople is our fast and accurate payroll processing solution that gives you all the tools for full payroll parameterisation.

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Performance Management


Engage the workforce with clear goals and deliverables, structured conversations, real-time feedback and surveys. Remote or not.

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Payroll Outsourcing


Our payroll service delivers the flexibility, compliance and payroll support you need, so you can focus on what matters most.

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Time and Attendance Software

Get better operational control and support for the day-to-day management of your workforce with time and attendance systems supported by biometric fingerprint and RFID access options.

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Absence Management Software

Our market-leading time and attendance software helps you track employee absence plus much more, all in one secure place; saving you time and allowing you to focus on what matters most – your people. 

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Workforce Management

Our workforce management software integrates time and attendance, payroll, access control, and HR to provide the most effective view of past, present and future.

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Access control systems

Secure your premises, get real-time data of who is on-site and set rigorous access control rules so you will always know that only the right people are in the right places.

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From biometric and RFID clocking terminals to vehicle barriers and rising bollards, Mitrefinch hardware helps you monitor time and attendance and protect your premises.

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Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA)

Your HCM teams didn't take up a career to complete manual tasks, and your people just want to get the job done. That’s where AVA comes in. AVA takes care of the repetitive – letting employees and HCM teams to focus on getting the job done.  

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Our Advanced Virtual Assistant (AVA) helps cut out manual tasks and makes it easier to get work done

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