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Our Laserform software solution is used by over 2,300 legal practices, from sole practitioners to the Top 100, and is focused on delivering multiple time-saving and accuracy boosting features.

We are one of the most respected providers of electronic legal forms, SDLT e-Submissions software and checklists to the legal sector. Our focused solutions simplify the entire form submission process whilst our latest innovation, Laserform Hub, aims to revolutionise the digital submission market.

The comprehensive library of over 3,000 of the most regularly used and non-prescribed forms in the UK covers all legal areas, including a range of forms specifically for use in Scotland and Wales. Laserform also offers a bespoke forms creation service, available upon request. With such a broad range of forms available Laserform includes an Automatic Update service to ensure the latest forms are used.

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We have a wide variety of products to help you with all your legal form needs. Our aim is to simplify the entire form submission process.

Laserform Hub

Laserform Hub is the only way to digitally submit to multiple government gateways in a fast, efficient and user friendly manner. Laserform Hub unifies the submission of data to government portals while introducing business focused capabilities.

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Laserform provides access to the most comprehensive library of electronic UK legal forms, with features built-in to improve efficiency.

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