After working with barristers’ chambers for over 20 years, we understand that the traditional working model is changing. With increasing client expectations and staff needing to work away from chambers, it is crucial for chambers to ensure that they are equipped with the latest legal management software so they can keep pace with change.

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MLC manages all aspects of chambers, including billing, diaries and CRM.

We’ve also built in Cloud collaboration capabilities, bespoke marketing options and a mobile interface to help barristers and clerks save time on admin processes and grow the success of chambers through software which is integrated, flexible and available anytime, anywhere.



We’re committed to supporting your journey to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

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Grow your business

Increase revenue and lead the field with innovative technology solutions that help you reimagine your business


Increase your revenue

Reduce your overhead administration costs and optimise billing time in order to increase your chamber’s revenue.


Work smarter

Having the tools you need available at your fingertips means you can be more responsive to clients on the go and at any time, regardless of your location.

Key features

Having one solution for diaries, fees, case management and time recording helps chambers succeed, and is key for any chambers looking to navigate the substantial challenges in the market. MLC delivers a smarter way of working which brings chambers into the digital age with Cloud storage, integrated marketing capabilities and a mobile interface. MLC delivers the ability to work in a digital environment, combined with mobile tools to help chambers provide outstanding customer service, improve client retention and boost revenue even further.

Embrace digital

Embrace digital

Future-proof your business with flexible tools for remote working. Our solution allows you to modernise your chambers and keep up with the pace of technology, enabling easier business interactions through the use of digital tools.

Stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

The traditional model of chambers is changing. Stand out from the crowd by adopting technology that will position you as a leader. Having visibility of your chamber’s performance means you can easily slice and dice data held within your systems to make informed business decisions. Use customer tracking and bespoke reporting to ensure your chambers is getting a full return on investment.



Enable streamlined digital working with your case team and reduce the reliance on email with effective document management and storage in the Cloud. Share large cases at the click of a button, with versioning and tracking of activities to allow for collaborative working.

"We now have a single version of the truth with staff able to access one accurate, up-to-date source of data. With electronic purchase-to-pay processes, we have greater visibility of spend and can ensure compliance."
Steve Brown, Financial Systems Manager, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
"Upgrading to Advanced e5 has meant we have been able to bring all of our regions in line with the UK."
Paul Johnson, Financial Systems Manager, WHSmith
"Its extensive functionality and adaptability means that ALB is perfectly suited to meet our firm’s needs both now and in the future."
James Knight, Practice Manager, Spire Solicitors LLP
"ALB gives us everything we need from a PCMS, allowing us to work more effectively with the confidence that we will be supported both now and in the future."
Lloyd Bowman, Practice Manager, Eatons Solicitors
"As we look to improve client engagement, the automation that is provided by ALB will help us maximise efficiencies and ensure the customer has a first class experience."
Stuart Maher, Director, Watson Ramsbottom
"This level of simplicity of using the Workflow Toolkit to modify ALB allows us to respond to changes in the market and improve our processes with ease."
Philip McBride, Partner, John McKee Solicitors
"The simplicity of navigation and usage of the system is remarkable, especially considering its profound intelligence."
Jacky Chase, 25 Bedford Row
"Mobile MLC is excellent. It is simple to use with a focus on key information."
Stephen Ward, CEO, Clerksroom
"The introduction of ‘less-paper’ working gives our barristers, who are traditionally mobile workers, the ability to service clients in a secure and flexible environment, while enhancing the speed and reliability of that service."
Chris Ronan, CEO, St John’s Chambers
"I am very impressed by the platform, both in terms of the approach taken to development, and the product itself. It is a very good response to the way we are to interact with the world going forward."
Ben Hoare, Bell Solicitors
"The Laserform Hub has enabled our firm to embrace digital submissions while offering efficiencies beyond the time saving aspect. The Hub has been designed with law firms’ needs in mind. Pre-population, mandatory fields and validation all help to ensure a more efficient and cost-effective solution to offer our clients a reliable and efficient service."
Richard Gaston, Research and Knowledge Manager, Addleshaw Goddard
"Moving from paper to online submissions is an essential step for us to ensure that we offer the fastest and most efficient service to our clients. Laserform Hub allows us to achieve this while also driving down rejection rates."
Rochelle Garnon, Head of Knowledge & Information Services, Fieldfisher
"We wanted a solution that could help modernise our practice. Our server was coming to the end of its life and we recognised the savings we could achieve by migrating to the Cloud. It made sense to upgrade our PCMS at the same time to a modern solution. We reviewed the other suppliers and it was clear that ALB was the best out there for us."
Jim Stephenson, Partner, Thorley Stephensons
"With multiple offices we needed the flexibility of a Cloud-based system alongside a full PCMS – Advanced and ALB fit that bill perfectly. The software will allow us to achieve greater efficiency thanks to task automation – especially for conveyancing and executory cases - while the Cloud will provide us with the remote and mobile working capabilities that we need."
David Miller, Business Manager, NGL
"The inclusion of Laserform in Advanced’s portfolio means the amount of data we have to enter will be minimal. Being hosted through their Cloud infrastructure means we will only have one IT supplier that we need to talk to, it’s the perfect solution."
David Miller, Business Manager, NGL
"I would recommend MLC to any chambers seeking to gain a competitive edge and future-proof their business."
Dan Coote, Clerk, 5 Stone Buildings
"The product easily caters for our management, reporting and marketing requirements."
Keith Plowman, Senior Clerk, Ten Old Square
"We considered large and small providers from the UK and the US... in the end, we chose Advanced out of all of them for demonstrable sector expertise and a track record of successful delivery."
Helen Nott, Director Marketing, The Woodland Trust
"OpenAccounts stood out from the competition because it combined exceptional ease of use with the best all-round functionality, ranging from invoicing to consolidated management reports."
Graham Camfield, Systems Accountant, Brendoncare
"Investing in OpenAccounts is one of the wisest investments we’ve ever made and, over the years, has helped us to save thousands of pounds. Put simply, we don’t know what we would have done without it!"
Sean Evans, Financial Resource Manager, Wirral Partnership Homes
"Advanced’s software has been so successful at cutting administration and improving the support team’s processes that we have been able to move individuals’ skill sets to more added value tasks to better cope with new demands from across the College."
Nicola Whiting, Systems Accountant, New College Durham
"We started off with 360 employees and now have around 1,000 working across multiple business units. We needed a way of managing employee information and reporting on various key performance indicators. A picture paints a thousand words, which is important when you have busy managers."
Blane Dodds, Chief Executive, North Lanarkshire Leisure
"It is such a flexible solution, giving us the tools to evolve the system as the marketplace dictates and as Barhale’s growth strategy demands, and all this without Barhale incurring huge consultancy costs."
Stephanie Johnson, HR Manager, Barhale
"The reports we produce in Advanced's system are key to making informed management decisions. Producing them manually would be a highly time consuming and painstaking process. The solution enables us to extract and manipulate information very easily and provide it in a manager’s required format, saving many hours each week since it was implemented."
Andrew West, HR Manager, The Royal College of Nursing
"One of the standout benefits of OpenPeople is its reporting capability. We can report on any aspect of payroll very quickly in minutes rather than days. OpenPeople has improved our efficiency as well as our capability for forecasting as we are now using real-time information. I would wholeheartedly recommend OpenPeople to anyone and, in fact, have already done so on several occasions."
Carole Mellis, Global Payroll Manager, Sparrows
"We are really delighted with the product and I can’t see how we would manage now without it."
Andy Duckworth, Finance Director, Trethowans
"I’ve been delighted with the Laserform Hub from Advanced. Since adopting the service, we’ve seen legal charges registered in record time and the associated concerns over the looming 21-day deadline removed. We’ve found Laserform Hub to be highly effective yet incredibly easy to use."
Richard Saxton, Partner, Higgs & Sons
"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, which saves us considerable amounts of time and therefore money."
Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal, College of North West London

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"Advanced has successfully built a really strong, resilient and flexible platform that offers versatility and scope for many years to come."
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"Having a flexible and reliable platform allows us to create a long term IT strategy leading up to and after the completion of the tunnel."
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"Ten Old Square addresses GDPR compliance with Cloud and mobile solution from Advanced, and finds digital environment transformational"
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