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MLC offers a true commercial advantage with management tools that maximise barrister and clerk efficiency by streamlining processes and monitoring real-time progress. As well as saving resource costs, MLC can also help you increase revenue growth by more than 10 per cent.*

Our cutting-edge technology was developed to meet the changing requirements of modern chambers. By utilising mobile tools that reduce reliance on physical premises, barristers, clerks, solicitor firms and additional third parties can work together seamlessly.

*Average return reported by our customers.

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Understanding key issues


Financial management

Traditionally, chambers have worked through mounds of paper in order to reconcile receipts, hours worked, costs and payments. This inefficient paper chase can lead to late or lost fees.

Controlling information

The manual management of bookings, diaries, fee notes, case information and time recording commands a significant proportion of a chambers’ time.

Time pressure

Chambers face a real challenge to ensure they complete casework in a timely manner, meet deadlines and deliver a service which satisfies their clients’ high expectations.

Revenue compression

While navigating the competitive demands of the current legal landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet running costs, increase revenue or achieve growth.


In principle, legal practitioners have valid reason to store and retain personal data but interpretation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), within the context of legal services, needs to be considered.

Client expectation

To remain successful, chambers need to meet changing client expectations. This is forcing the replacement of traditional working practices with solutions that deliver to a 24/7 world.

How our Chambers Management Software can help you


Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates to our Chambers Management Software.

  • MLC 5.3

    - Opportunity Management and Calendar Share two-way diary

  • MLC 5.2

    - Solicitor Share and Case Categorisation


Dedicated Support Team


24hr Customer Portal


Regular Product Updates


97% Project Delivery Score

Our Customers

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Atlantic Chambers

Crown Office Chambers

Grays Inn Tax Chmbers

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"The solution is transforming the way we operate and enhancing how the clerks and barristers work together. It is giving barristers everything they need for the duration of a case.”

Keith Plowman, Senior Clerk

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“The introduction of ‘less-paper’ working gives our barristers, who are traditionally mobile workers, the ability to service clients in a secure and flexible environment, while enhancing the speed and reliability of that service.”

Chris Ronan, CEO

"At Unit chambers following a full review of the market we are really happy with our decision to partner with Advanced MLC for our chambers management software, it was the only solution that allowed us to work truly remotely. We would recommend Advanced MLC to any chambers wanting a commercial advantage in the legal sector."

Lisa Edmunds, CEO and Senior Consultant Barrister, UNIT Chambers

“We can’t praise the advantages of Hosted MLC highly enough. We are now protected against any further lockdowns that may be imposed and have no concerns about business disruption... It’s an option we would recommend to any business that is looking for a more efficient, future-proof technical solution."

Julie Evans, Chambers Administrator

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  • Ten Old Square
  • St John’s Buildings
  • UNIT Chambers
  • Atlantic Chambers

Additional insights to help you transform


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