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Our clinical decision support solution, Odyssey, helps ensure patients with urgent and primary care health problems receive fast, accurate, safe assessment and advice. It covers the needs of all age groups, and the full range of symptoms and acute conditions. By upskilling health care providers’ staff, it supports a greater skill mix in the workforce and consistency of care. Odyssey is used by healthcare professionals across a range of settings, including ambulance services, out-of-hours services, GP practices and walk-in centres.

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Understanding key issues


The population

With people living longer with more complicated conditions, there is increasing pressure on healthcare systems. It is vital that the people with the most pressing symptoms receive urgent care.

People require complex care

There are increasing numbers of people living with multi-morbidity and complex conditions that are at risk of rapid deterioration. Assessing the needs of such patients requires a holistic assessment.

Making the best use of appointments

There is increasing pressure on GP appointment systems and emergency services. It is vital to prioritise patients and ensure they are following the most appropriate care pathway.

Lack of clinical staff

The NHS faces a major workforce crisis, with insufficient GPs, nurses and emergency department staff, which means a greater skill mix is required to substitute for scarce doctors and nurses.

How Odyssey can help you


“We want to make it as easy as possible for patients to obtain medical advice in the way that best suits them. Patient safety and quality are, of course, our top priorities, but offering patient choice is also important.”

Rachael Ellis, Chief Officer

“We see incredible value in technology to empower patients to self-assess and, while it may take some time for some GPs to embrace a disruptive technology, I’m confident the app’s obvious benefits will eventually be accepted and adopted by everyone.”

Prad Velayuthan, CEO


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PRESS // 25-10-2019

Docman Connect and Odyssey secure place on GP IT Futures

by Ric Thompson, Managing Director - Health & Care

Docman Connect and Odyssey secure place on GP IT Futures

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