Practice and Case Management

P4W, our market-leading practice and case management solution, is used and trusted by more than 600 legal practices every day throughout the UK. This single, smart solution provides the highest levels of functional efficiency by offering a tailored structure that meets individual business and administrative requirements. P4W also delivers ease-of-use, with its Microsoft Office interface offering a smooth, familiar experience and intuitive navigation for all users.

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Understanding key issues


Technology silos

Firms may rely on standalone, non-integrated applications that don’t share information with each other. This is a significant obstacle to efficient work methods, client service and compliance.


Digital technology is transforming the way legal professionals work. Connectivity underpins all processes including home working, court hearings, client communications and security.

Measuring performance

Economic uncertainty, combined with a changing legal landscape, puts financial and operational pressure on firms. Ongoing access to critical business data is needed to maintain stability.

Efficiency barriers

Facing the influence of fixed fees and competitive online services, firms have to do more, in less time, in order to compete. They need to focus on key tasks rather than administration.

Risk management

As legal firms transform, so do the associated risks. Assessing and managing these can be time consuming. With so many roles and processes it’s difficult to ensure best practice across a firm.


Keeping current or potential clients informed is crucial to ongoing success. But busy fee earners often don’t have the time, or channels, to quickly provide updates or information.

How P4W can help you


Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates.

  • P4W 6.2

    - Write off time during bill creation

    - Business Logic Explorer v2 included in release

    - New Case Review screen

    - Entity/Matter profile enhancements

    - Access to Personal Client and Bank detail tabs updated

  • P4W 6.1

    - Case manager custom ordering

    - Split billing

  • P4W 6.0

    - P4W Cloud v1

    - Rich text support

  • P4W 5.02

    - Document content crawler

    - Billing analysis view

  • P4W 5.01

    - Refreshed Partner Productivity Suite (PPS)

    - HMRC MTDfB

    - Auto payment of bills

“Digital signatures mean matters can start much more quickly and administration time has noticeably reduced, as have stationery and postal costs.”

Tim Knight, Business Operations Manager

“We’re one of the few firms in the region that can still offer cost-effective legal aid support. The reason we’ve been able to do that is because we’ve automated our day-to-day processes.”

Peter Carr, Head of IT

“We use P4W because it enables us to provide excellent service and peace of mind for all of our clients.”

David Brooks, Systems Development Manager

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