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In a world of increasing change and complexity, you shouldn't have to sweat the small stuff. With our intuitive HMRC-recognised payroll software, payroll is efficient, accurate and hassle-free.

It means that, even with constant payroll and annual legislation changes and ever increasing employee expectations and demands, Payroll teams can process pay as seamlessly as possible. Our tools allow you to automate complex calculations, simplify labour intensive tasks and support your employees’ financial wellbeing with easily accessible real-time data reports in no time.

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Understanding key issues


Supporting Financial wellbeing

This will continue to emerge as an important concern for payroll teams this year. As so many people have been affected financially recently, it will be time for business to do more for their employee. It is estimated that employee financial problems cost businesses 4% of productivity.

Continuously changing pay

The introduction and extension of furlough, workforce reductions and changes in working patterns all mean that getting the payroll right first time is becoming increasingly difficult. With the roadmap out of lockdown confirmed, payroll teams will have to quickly get on top of shifting payroll landscapes once again.

Clunky software that slows you down

With increasing changes and competing demands, payroll teams can be held back by solutions that take more time to operate than they save. Our payroll solution is designed to be as intuitive as possible; helping you focus your attention on the things that matter.

How our Payroll Software can help you


Ongoing software innovation and developments


We are always improving and innovating our products to deliver the best experience for our customers. Here are a selection of the latest updates to our Payroll Software.

  • Flexipay

    - Continuous updates as standard

    - Flexipay 2.52 Release Report

    - Flexipay version 2.52 upgrade instructions

    - Copy Year-End Instructions

    - Flexipay RTI Year-End Procedure

    - COVID-19 changes to SSP

  • OpenPeople 9.7

    - Welsh Rates of Income Tax (WRIT)

    - Postgraduate Loan

    - Disguised Renumeration

    - Car Benefit

    - Pennies from Heaven update

  • OpenPeople 9.6.2

    - Pennies from Heaven

    - Gender Pay Gap Reporting

    - BI Dashboard Reporting

    - Updates to the Apprenticeship Levy Module

  • OpenPeople 9.6.0

    - New Scottish Rates of Income Tax

    - Updates of all UK Tax Codes NI rules and associated tables

    - Update of Car Benefit details

“One of the key results so far has been the reduction of input time for the team. The HR team has been able to move away from spending the majority of the day on data entry and working through transactions to looking at more value added data and understanding what the data in the system is actually telling us."

Jennifer Docherty, HR Manager

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“OpenPeople integrates seamlessly with Cloud HR, which means when it comes to running the payroll each month the information can be easily extracted from the HR system."

Enita Andrews, HR Manager

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    Providing organisations with intuitive, flexible, automated and unrivalled payroll processing for over 35 years.

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  • OpenPeople and GDPR

    We have invested our time in upskilling our product experts who have worked on significant developments in OpenPeople to assist our customers on their journey to compliance.

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