Ease the admin burden of marking and empower your learners with information around their performance with our solution. 

ProMonitor is our integrated learner monitoring, support and markbook solution ideal for colleges and training providers.

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How can it help you?

With insight from ProMonitor, you can concentrate on improving learner outcomes and supporting your learners to reach their full potential. Work smarter and more efficiently with access to all of your key learner information in an integrated solution. 

ProMonitor lets you keep track of your learners’ progress, allowing teachers, assessors, employers and managers to see, at a glance, whether learners are achieving their potential or if further support is needed.



Track learner progression

Monitor learner performance against targets set by recording and reporting on learner progress.


Improve staff knowledge and understanding

Data can be shared across sites for swift access and intervention by key stakeholders.


Ease burden of marking

With a simple to use, intuitive system make marking easier for your staff.


Easily import data

Import detailed learner and enrolment data to streamline your processes and collate all necessary information.


Customisable system

Customised system structures allow for the solution to be tailored to your individual needs to provide the best education possible.

Key features

ProMonitor makes it easy to access, control and maintain your learner data. With modules designed for a wide range of users, access the individual learner plan (ILP), write reports and ease the admin burden of marking. Utilise the features and functionality to track progression, intervene when necessary and provide learners with the support to succeed.

Generate Individual Learner Plans (ILP)

Generate Individual Learner Plans (ILP)

ProMonitor holds a centralised collection of key learner details, which makes it easier to raise, track and follow up on comments, actions and risks. Induction information, meetings and one-to-one sessions can be recorded within the system to effectively track any learner issues and create a full, detailed picture of the learner. Where learners may require additional support, this information can be easily accessed and circulated via the email integration feature. ProMonitor can be customised to design multiple individual learner plans based on the type of student and their level of study.

Simplify your marking processes

Simplify your marking processes

With the markbook module, promptly enter marks for units, assessments and tasks for both academic and vocational qualifications. Customise the markbook dependent on the qualification type including Higher Education (HE), Apprenticeships, National Diploma and A Level. Use the results entered to create and share meaningful data and reports. Plot and track performance vs target to monitor learners progress over the academic year.

Track and review learner progress

Track and review learner progress

ProMonitor’s intuitive online system simplifies the recording and reviewing of learners’ academic progress. Customisable reports mean that teachers and managers can easily view targets, performance and any progress comments. If published to ProPortal, learners, parents, guardians and employers can also be given access to view and monitor learner progress.

"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, which saves us considerable amounts of time and therefore money."
Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal, College of North West London

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