Dashboard reporting

Easily analyse complex data to make strategic decisions quickly and effectively

With dashboard reporting you can easily view complex data in a simple graphical format, whatever the source. Data is displayed in real- time, giving you instant access to accurate information without the time, cost or work of manual extraction and manipulation.

Our dashboard reporting solutions can be easily tailored by the user to meet their needs. Drag and drop charting, filtering and drill-down to the underlying data allows users to quickly change the parameters of the data for analysis. This enables them to get to the data they need to make better decisions, quicker. Reporting on KPIs, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), cash flow and stock can be instantly viewed and securely shared with vital stakeholders or groups. Once built, reports never need to be created again.

By giving your users the ability to monitor performance and make better informed decisions on a day-to-day basis, you can drive greater achievements, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

How our software can help


One source for all your data

All your data from across your business, in one place for instant viewing


Improve efficiency and decision making

Data at your fingertips for faster decision making that optimises your business performance


Deeper analysis

Quickly and easily drill-down into source data and multiple data sets for more meaningful analysis.

Services for you

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our Managed Services simplify the complex handling of your IT infrastructure, aiding your compliance, improving your system's safety, and increasing the time you have to spend on business-critical tasks.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

Our IT Outsourcing services deliver a flexible and agile service, specifically designed to help customers align their IT functions to their core business requirements.



Advanced’s Managed Hosting services provide a secure, high performance, operating environment for Advanced customer applications in UK Tier 3 Data Centres that are 27001 aligned.

Application Modernisation

Application Modernisation

Migrate and modernise your applications to ensure your organisation is ahead of competitors and in line with the latest technologies, including the adoption of Cloud platforms.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud technology has been steadily growing, and Advanced are embracing the technology with its latest offerings that utilise Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud environments.

Key features

  • Self-service dashboards with easy chart design and simple to build reports

  • Easily accessed across devices

  • Interactive dashboards allowing drill-down to underlying data such as sales revenue, purchasing, projects and processes

  • Traffic light' colour coding to highlight potential issues and those requiring immediate attention

  • Ability to securely share dashboards with multiple groups based on defined user rights

  • Direct integration via JDBC and ODBC (e.g. MS SQL, Oracle and MySQL database platforms) and Cloud APIs (e.g. Salesforce)

  • Native support for MS Excel spreadsheets and flat file data feeds (.CSV files)

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