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Work Hub is a work management software solution that unites your back office team, mobile workforce and customers. It provides a simplified, seamless and stable management of the end to end work management for your organisation, from the creation of work, scheduling, allocation and deployment to a mobile workforce.

Work Hub provides enhanced efficiency, with accurate, real-time information and resources to your field-based workforce, delivered directly to their mobile device. Mobile workers are able to access and relay information securely, ensuring that information is unified throughout the organisation.

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Your Challenges our Solutions

The challenge of any field-based organisation is how to efficiently manage the flow of work between central functions and field-based operatives, how to coordinate cases that have multiple work items that span multiple teams or skills, and to ensure that every item of work is conducted in the most efficient way possible.

Our Work Hub software directly addresses this challenge, providing a holistic work management solution that pulls disparate systems together, enabling you to define and continually improve best practice and to harness the full power of dynamic scheduling and mobile working.

Enabling you to define your work and your available resources, and consequently ensure that every permutation of work allocation is taken into account when scheduling tasks. This allows you to fully optimise your workforce, to reduce costs and meet your customer commitments.

Work Hub enables you to fully define the work you undertake. You can log cases and define these as one or more issues. Service requests are then extrapolated from the issues, with required tasks to resolve being automatically allocated. A workflow then dictates the chain of events that must take place to satisfy the service request, this workflow can consist of work assessments, work orders, specific jobs and work audits if required.

By managing the detail of work, and the resources and stock utilised to complete it, Work Hub provides full job costing. It also enables greater controls with different workflows being triggered dependent on cost, i.e. requiring an inspection. Rules can also be applied in terms of the allocation of work to contractors ensuring meticulous cost management.

By utilising Kirona Work Hub, service organisations can transform the way they define, manage and execute field-based work, driving greater efficiencies, enabling continuous improvement and ensuring that they deliver the best possible service to customers.

Work Hub enables you to manage all relationships in a single place including customers, contractors and merchants. Contact history and contractual detail can be leveraged when scheduling work or placing orders. This either leverages your existing CRM or provides you with that capability.

Work Hub also allows you to clearly define the resources you have available to fulfil work, whether that be people, contractors, vehicles, plant or inventory. You are able to assign resources to work items, manage and monitor stock from merchant to utilisation on a job and manage flow of work between internal and external resources. .

What our Customers think

"The system we have got now is now more reliable, and staff are more productive. They don’t need to visit the offices any more, they can go to their first job from home and work throughout the day."
Neil Martin, Business Manager at Sandwell Council

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