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Our Work Hub holistic work management solution pulls disparate systems together to create a single view of data and tasks. This enables you to efficiently manage the flow of jobs between central functions and your field-based workforce. Work Hub allows you to coordinate cases with multiple work items spanning various teams, departments or skills. This ensures that every item of work is conducted in the most efficient way possible, improving customer service and reducing costs.

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Understanding key issues


Simplifying Management

Working across numerous, complex systems means that gaining access to a single view of data and work management within your organisation can be hard.

Automating Work Management

Manually trying to manage the flow of work and data across different departments and systems can be challenging and distract you from key tasks.

Increasing Visibility

Not having a single place where jobs are captured and monitored from end to end can make it difficult to deliver against objectives.

Continual Improvement

For organisations, having a work management system that provides a greater understanding of how they process their work is becoming increasingly important to delivering continual improvements.

How Work Hub can help you


Additional insights to help you transform


  • Work Hub

    Simple, seamless and stable work management, from the creation of work, scheduling, allocation and deployment to a mobile workforce.

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  • Intelligent Field Service

    Discover the full suite of field service management solutions from Advanced to give you unparalleled insights into workforce performance.

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