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Can the UK leapfrog into the lead?

At the CBI Annual Conference today, the CBI sent out a rallying call of action to business leaders to ensure the UK unites behind a ‘leapfrog’ industrial strategy to win in the technology age. Its message was to ensure Brexit did not crowd out the opportunity for the UK to take pole position in the fourth industrial revolution in which we are living. And the rewards could be significant - reversing the UK’s poor record in productivity, resulting in rising living standards and creating a fairer society.

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Is the cloud the most cost effective route to running your business systems?

The use of the cloud has been lauded and celebrated in business and technology circles since it was first available as an option many years ago. Despite some early set backs, uptake of cloud based systems and services has been growing rapidly

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What is the Hybrid Cloud?

These can be delivered by the organisation, by third party provider or a combination of the two. The Hybrid Cloud offers organisations more flexibility to move workloads between the Public and Private Cloud as and when they need to.

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