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Time and Attendance software from Advanced is designed to help organisations of all sizes say yes to managing their workforce’s schedule, track time, record absences and automate repetitive tasks.



So reliable, you can set your watch by it

Advanced's Time and Attendance software is designed to be fully customisable to enable organisations of all sizes to say yes to managing their workforce’s schedule, track time, record absences and automate repetitive tasks. Our Time and Attendance system provides real-time data insights to simultaneously reduce costs and improve productivity.

We understand and solve your key time and attendance issues 

Our Time and Attendance software is designed to solve the key challenges our customers face when it comes to managing time and attendance.

  • Poor manual processes that slow you down 

    Manual processes are a burden for your HR teams and can lead to human errors which in turn spiral into further setbacks. What if time and attendance software could simplify your way of working and eliminate the need for manual checks? Say Yes to automating repetitive processes.


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  • Too many miscalculated wages and payroll inaccuracies

    Inaccurate time entries result in miscalculated work hours and payroll issues. What if you could prevent these costly mistakes and ensure that your time and attendance process works seamlessly alongside your payroll? Say Yes to always having accurate payroll.


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  • Buddy clocking, time theft or time sheet fraud 

    Time thieves cost organisations around the world billions of lost hours of productivity and pay each year. A lack of visibility of who is clocking in and where can lead to spiralling costs being incurred from incorrect hours paid. What if your clocking-in software could eliminate timesheet fraud and ensure you can say yes to complete work schedule accuracy?


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  • The burden and cost of unscheduled absenteeism 

    Workplace absenteeism makes costs rise, your productivity lower and negatively impacts staff morale. What if you could reschedule workload more efficiently and deal with absences more easily? Say Yes to higher productivity and better staff morale.


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  • No real-time view of working patterns & data

    With a lack of data and reporting, it's hard to implement productivity improvements within your organisation. What if you could say yes to accessing to the right reporting and analytics tools to turn raw data into actionable insights?


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Key capabilities of our time and attendance software

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More than just Time and Attendance software

Find out more about the powerful features that sit within Advanced Time & Attendance software.

How our Time and Attendance can help you



Businesses Succeeding with our Time and Attendance Software

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"We implemented a biometric fingerprint clocking terminal to register steward attendance and allow them access to restricted areas – removing the need to carry a barcoded card and reducing potential misuse."

— David Beresford, Deputy Safety Officer

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"Timesheets were previously completed manually by employees, but can now be downloaded from the software and signed off. There are all sorts of reports and statistics that can be downloaded from the system. To be honest it has cut our working time by half!"

— Christine Thompson, Payroll Manager

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"With the package in place we can manage HR and time and attendance centrally from the Elgin site, making significant savings on administration."

— Gerry Skelton, Human Resources Director

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Welcoming you onboard



Starting your journey

1 day


We get a better understanding of you and your business to drive your Onboarding experience towards success with our Time and Attendance software.

Understanding your challenges

1 week


We build a plan of action for your journey to Go-live with due dates and owners.

Planning your journey

2 months


We provide the action plan to get you ready to adopt Advanced's Time and Attendance software.

On the road to go live


Congratulations, you’re live! This is where our Customer Success program really kicks in to provide you with more value and make sure you are maximising your chances of reaching your goals.


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Time and Attendance Product Brochure

Download our brochure to find out how our Time and Attendance systems can help you enhance operational control and improve management of your workforce.

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How to Choose a T&A System

Check out our informative guide before you begin to look for Time and Attendance software.

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Advanced Time and Attendance Product Overview

Discover how our Advanced Time and Attendance Software can help your people take charge of their schedules.

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07 Sep 2022 by Nick Gallimore, Director of Innovation

The benefits of auto-rostering

Our new Auto rostering function has been created specifically to handle the strain of the complex shift organisation.

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The future of your productivity is bright with Advanced Time & Attendance systems

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