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Financial Management

82% believe security is the biggest concern for applications in the Cloud

73% are yet to capitalise on the significant benefits offered by Cloud finance systems

65% look for Cloud providers who hold their data in the UK

Your financial future, today

We understand that senior finance professionals are required more than ever before to keep up with accelerated change. In order to keep ahead of the game, finance teams are tasked with overcoming a series of new challenges brought about by political, technological and industrial disruption, whilst steering their business to achieve even greater success.

Despite these new pressures however, our recent Cloud survey has shown that over 70% of businesses are yet to capitalise on the significant benefits offered by Cloud finance technologies.  Some emphasise security as a critical concern when considering Cloud adoption, but with greater threats to security, data reliability and integrity, internally and externally, finance professionals require agile business solutions with robust preventative measures.

They need a financial ecosystem which reduces the burden of lengthy financial processes, easily manages numerous intricate enterprise accounting procedures simultaneously, and offers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities to support incisive financial decision making.

CloudFinancials enables your finance function to work smarter and better, empowering you with a robust financials engine to ultimately improve performance.

The power of an on-site system, with benefits of the Cloud

One fully integrated system

Departments work together under one system, providing a clearer understanding of performance

Full time support included

Hands on support and advice from our team of experts at no extra cost

Access from any device

Gain secure access from anywhere and always have the most up-to-date information 

Flexible and scalable

The system can be tailored over time as and when your needs change

Reduce financial risk

A more successful implementation, without the need for risky software acquisition costs

Instant business intelligence

Instant access to a snapshot of current and future performance


Your CloudFinancials Solution

  • Powerful reporting capabilities for data-driven decisions - Benefit from over 1,000 customisable reporting structures, which can be built above any segment or combination of segments, greater visibility and enhanced drill down capabilities to access and analyse data to inform strategic decisions.
  • Highly secure - Empower your organisation with the highest level of security and superior protection of your data in the Cloud, with the peace of mind that your data is managed in the UK.
  • End-to-end compliance - Supportive of a range of legislative and due diligence requirements, including GAAP, AUDDIS and ADDACS, along with GDPR readiness to support you in your efforts towards compliance.
  • Effective management of intricate enterprise accounting processes - Easily manage numerous, complex financial processes simultaneously, for multiple companies, divisions and subsidiaries. Be alerted when payments are due, actions are required or when credit limit exceeds set parameters, for enhanced financial management. Define activities by user and boost productivity with our effective workflow engine.
  • Mobile options - Benefit from a range of add-on mobile solutions to support your finance function and daily activities, from receipting and approvals, to document management and role based task management.
  • Self service capabilities - Connect and collaborate using the self-service supplier portal, and shortcuts to leading marketplaces and supplier websites for effective procurement procedures.
  • Specialist sector functionality - Specific enhancements for not-for-profit, social care and housing organisations, including fund accounting and SORP reporting, regular invoicing and configurable billing frequencies and component accounting.
  • Greater control of your inventory - Quickly and easily manage stock valuation using various methods, simply automate replenishment and efficiently process online enquiries in one system, for superior inventory management.

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"The benefits of Cloud services are extensive with many of our customers reporting time, efficiency and cost savings - often with surprise about how easy the Cloud is to use. The mobility of the Cloud enables you and your staff to implement mobile working with the potential to streamline your entire organisation." 
-Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced 

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