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Delivering 100% accurate movement of data from purchase orders into your ERP.


We extract valuable order data straight from the document in real-time and with 100% accuracy

At Advanced, we believe that unlocking accurate data enables businesses to truly automate processes and realize their potential. Advanced Data Automation provides manufacturers and retailers with a tool to ensure 100% accurate automation, in near real-time, of inbound purchase orders, providing rapid and seamless order processing – allowing for extended order cut off times. With Advanced Data Automation for Orders, inbound purchase orders from your customers are processed without human touch, eliminating error-prone manual processing and freeing up your customer service representatives to focus on other areas. With built-in validation technology, the order data is checked against stock, product numbers and delivery addresses, reducing the cost of returns, eliminating order errors and increasing customer satisfaction.

We provide sales operations and customer service teams with the tools to automatically capture, process and validate orders which are 100% accurate.

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  • Order Delivery Errors

    Manually processing orders either from phone calls or copying from emails is not only time consuming, but with high volumes, human error is bound to occur. Whether this is a mistype, a misunderstanding or catalog mismatches – as humans, we’re going to struggle to remember every product and their stock numbers. Even if the order is processed correctly, without manually cross-checking delivery addresses, delivery errors can easily occur.


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  • Short sales cut-off times

    Making sure the orders get processed and goods dispatched according to the agreed delivery times can be a challenge when the orders are coming in from multiple sources and the timelines are tight. Commonly businesses need to put in a deadline for sales, especially if offering next day delivery, which allows sufficient time to manually process the remaining orders and submit these into the Sales Order Processing or ERP platform.


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  • Delays in order processing

    Manually processing orders take time and resources. There are only so many orders a person can process and sometimes errors can occur, or stock becomes unavailable producing more delays.


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  • Too many orders to process

    When a business looks to grow and increase its revenue potential, this often means increasing the number of orders from its customer base. If the systems in place to process these orders rely predominantly on manual entry and customer service representatives, these resources will need to grow in parallel with the increase order volume – predicting this scale and bringing on resources at the right time can be a challenge, especially during seasonal peaks.


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  • Lack of order traceability

    Maintaining a fully traceable supply chain is incredibly important, particularly in certain sectors like pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, where safety is of high importance. Being able to have full visibility of the entire order process, from purchase order to delivery, as well as confidence in the data chain, provides your customers and your business with peace of mind and helps to meet regulatory requirements.


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