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Improve productivity and engage employees with continuous performance management powered by meaningful conversations. Advanced Clear Review is an all-in-one solution that empowers your teams and helps your business achieve excellence.

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Powering performance with engaged employees

Advanced Clear Review is an intuitive performance management system that helps businesses transform their employee experience and create a high-performance company culture.

This all-in-one platform allows organizations to set and track clear, agile goals, encourages regular conversations between management and employees and provides team members with the opportunity to give and receive real-time feedback.

Improve communication, engagement and wellbeing, resulting in a happier, more productive workforce.

“Advanced Clear Review gives a view of all the actions surrounding an employee, such as check-ins, goal progress, and feedback.”

Devon Graham, Director of Human Resources, SARRC

Key capabilities

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Track agile goalsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Real-time feedbackadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Talent snapshotsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Performance insightsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Measure wellbeing & engagementadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Surveys & suggestionsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

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We understand and solve your key issues 

We build products which are designed to solve our customers key challenges. Effective performance management helps you overcome crucial organizational hurdles. 

  • Ineffective annual appraisals

    HR directors, managers and employees are all fed up with annual appraisals and the lack of value they provide. Annual appraisals are time-consuming and often affected by recency bias, which is why 75% of employees feel that they're an unfair reflection of performance.


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  • Low employee engagement

    A lack of goal setting, feedback and frequent conversation is likely to result in reduced engagement. In fact, employees are 3.2 times less likely to be motivated when they don't receive continuous feedback. 


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  • Lack of people insights

    Tracking the performance and wellbeing of employees is often complicated, and it's even more difficult to extract this data and gain valuable insights in the age of remote working.


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  • Unclear objectives

    Objectives are an integral part of successful performance management, but it can be difficult to set meaningful goals that are aligned with your business strategy.


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More than just Performance Management software

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Who succeeds with us

Our software has successfully helped over 400 organizations switch from ineffective annual appraisals to continuous performance management - improving the wellbeing of their employees and revitalizing their businesses.

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"Clear Review really stood out to us because of its ease of use from an employee and manager perspective, but also because of its functionality from a HR and admin point of view."

— Sophie Hughes - Head of Learning and Development at SAGE


"The feedback I get from the quarterly Snapshots allows me insights into where we have organisational structure talent/resource gaps meaning I can work with Leadership to ensure we are getting these gaps filled in a timely manner.”

— Devon Graham, Director of Human Resources

Top rated by our customers


Welcoming you onboard



Starting your journey


You'll want to start communicating to your senior stakeholders and employees about what's coming. We have a wealth of communication templates to help you - from a teaser campaign through to final launch communications. 

Understanding your challenges


We'll guide you on what's required from an employee data perspective and help you get this formatted correctly for a seamless import. 

Planning your journey


Now it's time to start making the system your own. From updating the branding, colors, terminology and system behaviour, all is in your control. At this stage we'll also start looking at technical integrations such as Single-Sign-On and automation of your data feed.

On the road to go live


We have a wealth of end-user training materials to share with you to help demonstrate the benefits and ease-of-use of the platform. Prior to launch you can make these available to everyone, and wrap your own message around them.

Delivery up and running

Go live!

And you're ready to launch! Your Implementation Specialist remains on hand in the early weeks of going live before arranging a seamless handover to your Customer Success Manager who will help you to continue to get the most of out of the system. 


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Performance Management Report 2022

We’ve conducted a survey of 1,150 people HR directors, managers and employees across the UK and USA to discover key performance management trends in 2022.

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5 reasons to ditch performance ratings

Performance ratings have been a lynch pin of performance management for many years. And yet, most of the research suggests they have no positive impact.


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