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The world of work is always changing and seeking out new ways to be efficient is key to staying ahead of the competition. That’s why MyWorkplace includes a store – a simple and easy way to find new forms of being productive.

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The Advanced Store opens up a whole new world or working possibilities

Giving the employee access to new Applets and applications from Advanced and our partners that can be downloaded right into MyWorkplace Free-to-use Applets and paid-for programmes sit side-by-side and include productivity tools - from Daily Task Reminders and an integrated company directory to full applications that cover areas like Performance Management and Recruitment.

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Build out your Desk as you want it

Mix and match Applets and applications from the store to ensure that you have the right tools to complete your work.

Access subscriptions to our suite of software

With all our offerings and partner solutions in one place, you can easily find a solution to suit your needs.

New capabilities are being added all the time

From Contract Management & Resource Booking Applets to new applications from Advanced and our partners.

“Our approach to the Advanced Store was simple – give individual users access to the tools they need to complete their own tasks. Advanced Store allows users to match applications to their individual needs, building out a working environment that is unique to them.” 
Sceaf Berry, Product Manager

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