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Hosted by Louise Minchin, ‘Working It Out’ is a series which tackles some of the challenges for businesses associated with the changing world of work. Covid-19 has influenced the way we work for ever. With organisations adapting to a new normal overnight, we have learnt an enormous amount, good and bad, about how people work, collaborate, learn and develop. This series looks at how can we take lessons from lockdown and virtual working into the new world of work.

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Episode One: Leading in the Hybrid World

In the first episode, we look at the role of remote leaders and how they can adapt their approach to the new hybrid model of working. Louise is joined by author and leadership expert, Mike Parkes. With over 30 years of coaching remote leaders, Mike talks about the key challenges leaders face and how they can ensure their teams’ productivity.

mike parkes

About the guest speaker

Mike Parkes is an author and leadership expert who has worked with managers, executives and directors for over 30 years. Mike is widely known for his work in the fields of Leadership, Engagement, Commerciality, Talent Management and Managing Performance.

Episode Two: Is ‘Lockdown Brain Fog’ a real phenomenon?

In our second episode, Louise talks to Catherine Loveday, Professor of Neuropsychology at University of Westminster, about the effect that remote working is having on our brains and ability to concentrate. Catherine discusses the effects of replacing face to face interaction with video calls and specifically how this has impacted our productivity.

Dr Catherine Loveday portrait

About the guest speaker

Dr Catherine Loveday is a Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Westminster and author of “The Secret World of the Brain". Her research focusses on the functions of memory, and in particular the way that memories are formed, accessed and lost.

Episode Three: The Invisible Workforce

This episode is an interview with Steve Shutts, CEO of Astriid, a charity that connects individuals suffering from long term chronic illness (but still able to work) with organisations who are looking for resource.

Steve Shutts

About the guest speaker

In 2018, Steve joined the charity founded by his brother, Astriid (Available Skills for Training, Refreshing, Improvement, Innovation, and Development). As CEO, his main roles include driving the charity’s membership through message amplification while forging relationships with like-minded ambassadors and charity partners.

Episode Four: Corporate Positive Power - How businesses can help save the planet

How can businesses help save the planet? That is the question Louise asks Professor Mark Maslin, Professor of Climatology at University College London, in this episode. Professor Maslin discusses the need for a new wave of social and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs in the future as we navigate an ever changing climate.

Mark Maslin

About the guest speaker

Mark Maslin FRGS, FRSA is a Professor of Climatology at University College London. He is a Royal Society Industrial Fellowship, Executive Director of Rezatec Ltd and Director of The London NERC Doctoral Training Partnership. He is science advisor to the Global Cool Foundation and the Sopria-Steria Group and a member of Cheltenham Science Festival Advisory Committee.

Maslin is a leading scientist with particular expertise in past global and regional climatic change and has publish over 155 papers in journals such as Science, Nature, and The Lancet. He has been PI or Co-I on grants worth over £45 million (including 27 NERC, 2 EPSRC, 2 DIFD, 2 Carbon Trust, 2 ESA, 3 Technology Strategy Board, Royal Society and DECC). His areas of scientific expertise include causes of past and future global climate change and its effects on the global carbon cycle, biodiversity, rainforests and human evolution. He also works on monitoring land carbon.