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Hosted by Louise Minchin, ‘Working It Out’ is a series which tackles some of the challenges for businesses associated with the changing world of work. Covid-19 has influenced the way we work for ever. With organisations adapting to a new normal overnight, we have learnt an enormous amount, good and bad, about how people work, collaborate, learn and develop. This series looks at how can we take lessons from lockdown and virtual working into the new world of work.

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Episode One: Leading in the Hybrid World

In the first episode, we look at the role of remote leaders and how they can adapt their approach to the new hybrid model of working. Louise is joined by author and leadership expert, Mike Parkes. With over 30 years of coaching remote leaders, Mike talks about the key challenges leaders face and how they can ensure their teams’ productivity.

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About the guest speaker

Mike Parkes is an author and leadership expert who has worked with managers, executives and directors for over 30 years. Mike is widely known for his work in the fields of Leadership, Engagement, Commerciality, Talent Management and Managing Performance.