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Advanced named ‘Product- Led Organisation of the Year’ by Pendo
Press //25-10-2021

Advanced named ‘Product- Led Organisation of the Year’ by Pendo

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Advanced has won the accolade ‘Product- Led Organisation of the Year’ from product adoption software provider Pendo at their annual ‘Pendomonium’ conference. The event was attended virtually this year due to the continued Covid-19 travel restrictions and a desire to be more sustainable.

Pendo is a product analytics and in-app messaging platform which helps software organisations to develop solutions that resonate better with customers. Companies install Pendo in their products to capture product usage data and uncover insights that help them know where to invest to improve the product experience. Pendo’s software aims to drive product adoption, customer loyalty and team innovation.

Advanced has adopted Pendo’s platform across its entire Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio as part of its strategy to build and develop software which is driven directly by customer requirements and needs.  As a result Advanced has seen a 40+ point improvement in its NPS scores given by customers of its cloud solutions.

Amanda Grant, Chief Product Officer at Advanced, commented: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have received this accolade. We have been a proud advocate of Pendo since we became a customer, adopting its software has reshaped the way we think about roadmap planning for our solutions and provided us with invaluable insight into the way our customers use their software. The analytics Pendo provides enables us to track trends and themes across thousands of customers in multiple industries, allowing us to make decisions on the future of our solutions based on real data from customer behaviours. Pendo helps the product management team at Advanced to get a genuine view of product usage, enabling them to see what is working, what customers like, and just as important - don’t like. It places us permanently in the customer’s shoes at all times and really makes us think from the customer’s perspective.”

In the past 18 months, Advanced has continued to build its customer-centric organisational strategy with a huge investment in a new Customer Success function. Central to their work is utilising the Pendo tool to ensure customers are gaining maximum value from their Advanced solutions. Mike Osborn, Vice President of Customer Success at Advanced, added: “Customer adoption is a key priority for us at Advanced and Pendo is a vital tool supporting this Using Pendo, we can clearly see where customers may not be using the full capabilities of their solution. Our Customer Success Managers can then make suggestions and give advice based on where we know the system isn’t being used to its full potential. We can also see where customers are spending lots of time in particular areas of the system, so we know this is an element which is providing real value for them and we can ask them for their feedback which we can use with other customers too.”

Ben Carey, chief customer officer at Pendo, added: “We are thrilled to award Advanced this accolade. Advanced has used our platform to re-shape the way they think about customer success and adoption. Their continued focus on driving product adoption based on user feedback and insights has impressed everyone at Pendo. Advanced is a true example of a product-led business - they use product data and in-app guidance to provide a superior customer experience which is evident in their improving NPS scores.”

Advanced plans to continue to enhance its future product planning with Pendo at the heart of the strategy. Roadmap planning for next year is underway and the insights available in Pendo have been central to developing the key initiatives for next year. Using the data within Pendo, the product management team is able to rank initiatives and priorities based on customer trends and analytics, making roadmaps as accurate as they can possibly be in line with customer demand.

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