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An Introduction to Clinical Decision Support
Press //06-02-2018

An Introduction to Clinical Decision Support

by Dr Alex Yeates, Medical Director

The NHS is continually thrust into the spotlight of UK politics, often used in campaigns as a bargaining chip to sway voters and investors alike. Usually, the promise is the same: vote for us, and we pledge to increase NHS funding and improve quality of life for both NHS staff and their patients. However, caught in the centre of things is an NHS in crisis; more GPs are leaving the NHS than joining, and staff who were born and trained elsewhere in the EU are now facing an uncertain future. In our blog post, ‘The NHS Digital Conundrum’, we discuss the ways in which technology can be used to transform traditional clinician and patient roles while freeing up skilled staff to enhance patient care and drive efficiency.

One of the ways in which technology could alleviate staff shortages is through the use of clinical decision support, helping to safely upskill staff within the practice. Clinicians are supported regardless of the grade of practitioner, while triaging and providing professional clinical advice to patients. Call-handlers, clinicians and patients attempting self-assessment can reliably assess symptoms through clinically-safe content and a wide variety of question sets, all designed and tested to ensure the patient has the best possible outcome.

Our upcoming series of blogs will highlight the many ways in which a clinical decision support solution can reduce clinical risk, utilise the skills of your clinicians and practitioners, collect intelligent data to support best practice, save time and reduce costs for NHS Trusts, and improve access to training and education so staff can be upskilled.

We’ve worked with the NHS for over 20 years, providing clinically safe software solutions to urgent care providers, as well as in-hours and out-of-hours care providers.

Through our solutions, we enable clinical and non-clinical staff to triage patients across a variety of services, including GP surgeries, community pharmacies, ambulance services and NHS 111 providers. At Advanced, we’re dedicated to supporting clinical staff and empowering patients to ensure everyone is directed towards the right care at the right time for them.

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Dr Alex Yeates

Dr Alex Yeates


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