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Could your CQC rating be better?
Blog //11-05-2020

Could your CQC rating be better?

by Claire Sherwood, Clinical Safety Officer

Most people like to have options, whether this is deciding which restaurant to eat at, which hotel to stay in, what car to buy or which healthcare organisation to seek treatment from. Statistics show that over 63 per cent of people will take to the internet when figuring out which service is best. They will be researching how many stars a company has, how many negative or positive reviews and what rating the organisation has been given by external bodies.

Just like you wouldn’t expect someone to choose to eat at a badly reviewed restaurant, you wouldn’t expect someone to seek healthcare treatment at a provider with a low CQC rating.

So what can you do to make your CQC rating healthier? One area you can look at is improving the software solutions that are underpinning your organisation. When we consider the five inspection areas that make up a CQC rating (Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive and Well-led) a couple of these are focused on staff and leaders and the decisions they make, but some of them are reliant on your systems and processes. Don’t let your subpar software drag your rating down.

The safety of an organisation can be attributed to many things, one of the main ones being storing and sharing patient information. If your processes are outdated or not secure, your CQC rating for safety will drop, because you will not be able to demonstrate that you are protecting patient’s records to the highest possible standard. 

The effectiveness of a healthcare organisation can definitely be improved by the software it uses. Healthcare software cuts down the time spent on business processes, eliminates the need for paper-based tasks and improves information sharing - allowing you to work more productively. By boosting the efficiency of your organisation, you can save time and reduce pressure on staff - so that they can focus on providing better care for patients. 

Responsiveness within an organisation is key to ensuring patient needs are met quickly. By implementing market-leading solutions, organisations can perform processes efficiently and handle a patient’s course of treatment to the best of their ability. High functioning software can improve the security and delivery of documents, streamline processes and reduce pressure on staff by automating tasks.

The implementation of dedicated software can positively affect a company’s CQC rating, and make them more appealing to potential patients. Indeed, some providers use their rating as a marketing tool, in order to reassure customers and commissioners, as it indicates the quality of their service.

To discover more about our software solutions and how they could improve your healthcare organisation’s CQC rating you can get in touch with one of our team today.    

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Claire Sherwood

Claire Sherwood


Clinical Safety Officer

Claire joined OneAdvanced in 2011 with 40 years’ experience in health & care. Claire was appointed Clinical Safety Officer for our Care products in 2019.

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