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Flexible and Remote Working: Leading Tech Solutions for Local Authorities

Flexible and Remote Working: Leading Tech Solutions for Local Authorities

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Staying Connected with Field Service Management

Like most organisations in the UK, local government authorities are having to adapt to new ways of working. With versatile working arrangements now an expectation, authorities need to look towards technological solutions that can best facilitate new working practices, whether flexible, hybrid or remote.

When it comes to hybrid and remote working, there are dozens of areas of local government that can benefit from implementing technology to achieve best practice. For any service requiring two-way communication (maintenance and repairs, care giving, social work, planning, and many more) managers will need to look towards solutions that bring greater efficiency, cost savings for the taxpayer, and increased employee wellbeing.

Advanced’s Field Service Management is an agile, yet powerful solution for the management of remote work, and can be accessed from any mobile device. This makes it the optimal solution for field workers who need to stay in close contact with managers and customers – important in an era of ‘always-on’ communication.

“DRS has given us seamless visibility of repair and maintenance work. As a result, we’ve experienced higher completion rates, and improved efficiency across the whole of our organisation.”

- Kenny Shand, Project Manager for Assets, Transportation and Environment, Fife council

Field Service Management gives operatives clear visibility of their workday, keeping them motivated and on-task. For managers, the software’s Dynamic Resource Scheduling ensures the right resources are always allocated to the right task, improving job completion rates, and reducing spending. The customer experienced is enhanced through Operative on Way, an add-on enabling two-way communication between the operative and the customer, ensuring accurate time slots and follow-up appointments.

Powerful Performance Management

Whether working in-office, remotely, or on a hybrid basis, employees benefit greatly from consistent performance management. When carried out regularly and with purpose, performance management has proven positive effects on employee performance, wellbeing, and attrition.

Performance and Talent from Advanced is a powerful, yet easy-to-use digital platform for continuous performance management. Building on years of scientific research, the solution has been developed for the delivery of highly effective performance management. Intuitive and user-friendly, no specialist training is required, and ‘the basics’ can be easily learned.

The platform allows for 360° feedback – any employee is able to give feedback to any other. This empowers staff who may otherwise go unnoticed, while encouraging praise and fostering a team mindset. Feedback can be given in real time, ensuring a truthful and up-to-date account of performance and achievement – a far cry from the outdated ‘annual appraisal’ model.

“Performance and Talent has enabled better and more constructive conversations with colleagues.”

- Ben Plant, HR Director at Waltham Forest Council

With all information stored digitally and available for easy export, administrative tasks are significantly reduced with Performance and Talent. Comparative charts, infographics and performance snapshots call all be accessed with ease, providing managers and HR professionals with a clear overview of employee performance. Objectives can be set either individually or collaboratively, and can be adapted as the working year evolves.

Supplier Management Software for Compliance and Efficiency

With new procurement rules coming into effect, compliant and efficient supplier management has never been more important. Supplier Management from Advanced ensures all contracts are up to date and compliant, while risks are mitigated through the at-a-glance supplier risk assessment panel.

Supplier Management’s user-friendly dashboard puts all contract information in one place, making it easy to view key government metrics and contract performance. Users can see historical and real-time data on supplier performance, and create category-based scorecards for each supplier. This makes it easy to compare suppliers based on a variety of metrics, including environmental impact.

In-built communication channels mean suppliers and contracting authorities can stay in contact outside of office hours – ideal for flexible working. This two-way system helps ensure that goals are aligned between both parties, promotes transparency, and provides a clear record of communication.

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