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Having the freedom to work anywhere, anytime

25/08/2022 minute read OneAdvanced PR

Considering the recent changes in how we work more on-the-go, having a mobile software solution that offers barristers the flexibility and freedom to work efficiently wherever they are located is more important than ever. It allows you to be equally productive in the office, at home, in court, or when travelling.

Here at Advanced, we have our MLC Mobile, a software product offering your chambers secure remote working. Since you have accessibility to Mobile MLC from any device or location, you immediately have the details you need, without the security risks associated with losing data that has been saved on internal systems or in paper format. Moreover, our multi-factor authentication goes beyond standard password protection. It can be enabled in an individual’s settings or be made mandatory by chambers.

Make every minute count – Every billable minute recorded is contributing to being more productive and never being missed again. Every second you are working on documents or emails can be captured by our intelligent time recording tools that synchronise across multiple devices.

Setting up your Mobile MLC software with Outlook integration will give your barristers access to several features that can help them better manage their conversations. It will enable you to see diaries, tasks, key dates, bookings, and opportunities. All work in tandem to ensure barristers can see their schedules, work more efficiently, and easily prioritise their workload.

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More than 1,900 law firms and barristers chambers across the UK trust us to keep them ahead of the curve. With legal procedures becoming ever-more digitised, our solutions are designed so you can not only meet the challenge but go beyond it and utilise software powered possibility to maximise efficiency, ensure security and compliance and make the day-to-day easier.

For more information about our Advanced chambers management solution, MLC, click here.