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How a digital adoption can give you a competitive advantage
Blog //23-12-2022

How a digital adoption can give you a competitive advantage

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

A client portal allows law firms to securely exchange information and interact with their customers through an internal system. So usually this takes the form of a Cloud-Based system being in a secure area that is accessible through a company’s website, the client can view and access information, documents, data, reports and interact with it. For example, the client can upload documents, view cases and download documents. During an onboarding process, a client might also be required to complete a specific workflow that includes multiple steps. Here are some of the challenges that may occur and need addressing:


Customers expect a personal touch, but they are increasingly concerned about their privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation. Organisations are being scrutinised for how they handle their customers' data and how securely they store it. A law firm's continuity and reputation can be damaged if customer data is misused or lost.

Customer Experience

You wish to realise an optimal and personal customer journey. Therefore, you should obtain permission from customers in a user-friendly way so that you can store and use data safely. It is also important to make sure you are doing business with the right person and that the person has the necessary authorisations.


Due to the increased focus on digital security and compliance with privacy legislation, customer journeys can be slowed down and complicated. Consequently, customers are more likely to drop out during the process as a result of the complexity. A company that cannot meet high customer expectations will lose both new and existing customers.

How can Advanced help?

Advanced offers Cloud Forms software, which uses the trusted market functionality of Laser Forms and Oyez desktop software combined with Cloud Technology. A law firm's administration and operations can be enhanced and amended by streamlining processes. Our product is always adapting to changes with remote access and with automatic upgrades to all versions that can install themselves, allowing your staff and clients to rapidly benefit from the functionality of the new systems when available. A significant part of the cloud-based system security is the encryption of the data and the ability of data being transmitted over networks and on the databases. The usage of the encryption function makes data and information less accessible for hackers or anyone who isn’t authorised to view the data.

We’re your legal software partner

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More than 5,000 law firms and barristers chambers across the UK trust us to keep them ahead of the curve. With legal procedures becoming ever-more digitised, our solutions are designed so you can not only meet the challenge but go beyond it and utilise software powered possibility to maximise efficiency, ensure security and compliance and make the day-to-day easier.

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