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How an integrated practice and case management system speeds through casework

How an integrated practice and case management system speeds through casework

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

When it comes to handling casework, time is money and of the essence. That's where integrating a case management system (CMS) with a document management system (DMS) can help by significantly streamlining your workflow to save time on your casework.
The precious minutes spent searching for files, emails, and documents can accumulate and disrupt your productivity. By utilising a DMS, you can reduce search time and effortlessly locate the files you need. When integrating a DMS with a CMS, you can link clients and matters to their corresponding folders and workspaces, offering seamless access to documents without leaving the PM interface.
When document management and practice management come together, the benefits are amplified with document and workflow automation. Document templates in the DMS eliminate repetitive tasks, such as formatting new documents or searching for previous versions. Integrated systems leverage workspace and document templates to automatically populate matter details from the CMS, saving completed files in the appropriate matter workspace within the DMS.
Accessing critical information anytime and anywhere is essential for efficient casework. Both CMS and DMS systems provide digital accessibility to contacts, calendars, time, billing, notes, and files. Through integrated document and practice management systems, you can easily retrieve information from either system while working in one. Pulling data from your CMS into document templates becomes effortless, and you can also access matter-related documents and emails within the CMS workspace.
According to a study by Harvard Business Review, toggling between apps and websites can consume up to 2 seconds per switch. This seemingly small amount of time adds up, resulting in four hours lost per working week and an entire working week lost per year. By consolidating your casework management into a unified system, you minimise the need for app switching, reducing the time wasted and maximising your overall productivity.
The only approved integration supported by both IP holders
Advanced has been proud to work with document management specialists NetDocuments as a preferred partner for several years, and was recently awarded EMEA Partner of the Year for 2022.
After a swell of demand for an integration between CMS and DMS systems, Advanced and NetDocuments recently announced that an integration between NetDocuments and P4W, built by integration specialists Xperate, is to be launched.
This integration is the only one in the market that is approved and supported by both IP holders and is the only one of its kind that will benefit from system updates and support as both systems update throughout their lifecycles.
For more information about our integration, register for our upcoming webinar. You can also read more about integrating your CMS and DMS systems by reading this whitepaper from NetDocuments.
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