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How technology can help attract and retain legal talent

How technology can help attract and retain legal talent

The legal industry is currently facing a challenge in both keeping and attracting talent. The ever-growing demand for legal services alongside a shortage of skilled professionals has made it challenging for firms has meant that many firms find themselves in a supply shortage. However, the integration of legal technology and software has presented a solution to ease this ongoing battle.

Retaining talent and attracting new talent quickly is certainly an important facet in modern firms, with the average fallout for losing a fee-earner to having a replacement comfortably working on files to the same level is around three months. This is with a three-to-four month recruitment period, awaiting the applicant to have worked their notice, and to train the new employee.

Integrating legal tech into firms helps alleviate the workload for legal professionals and enables smaller legal teams to serve clients more efficiently. Lawyers have more time to focus on billable tasks as automation and workflows gives firms the tools they need to complete tasks quickly and accurately, without compromising on quality service.

While it is no doubt important to recognise that fair and competitive remuneration package is required as a matter of course, alongside a commitment of firms to provide its talent with career growth and development, establishing a culture that puts employees first is just as crucial. This includes developing a work environment that fosters collaboration, teamwork, and a clear path for progression, and places a premium on employee well-being and mental health.

The adoption of legal technology and software has significant implications for the quality and delivery of legal services. Automation and smart machines can help firms deliver high-value legal services within a shorter time frame, which is essential in today's highly competitive legal industry. Software such as case management, legal forms and time recording allows firms to automate routine tasks, work more securely and digitally, and enhance collaboration can save time, reduce costs, and improve quality.

Beyond looking at the day-to-day, fostering a culture of innovation that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, and continuous learning can help keep employees engaged and motivated to remain with the firm.

Attracting and retaining top talent is essential for firms looking to strengthen their market position and stay competitive. Legal technology and software provide firms with the solutions and tools they need to enable their legal professionals to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

The benefits of integrating legal tech go beyond work processes and into creating a work environment where employees can thrive. By adopting innovative solutions to attract and retain top legal talent, firms can solidify their position in the industry and move towards a more innovative and productive future.

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