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How to increase efficiency through dashboard reporting
Blog //02-08-2022

How to increase efficiency through dashboard reporting

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

A long-term goal of any law firm will always be to improve its business position and by widening its profit margin. And with firms looking at business models of growing efficiency with less time being consumed a productive dashboard is required. A dashboard report gives clear instructions about where items are in the workflow chain, work statuses, and what actions need to be taken.

Dashboards give you the ability to view your business at a glance or be as detailed as you wish. This means less time sifting through reports and being quicker to implement changes to your workflows to maximise efficiencies and profits.

Key Performance Indicators

Through our dashboards, you can personalise them to monitor your specific KPIs – keeping you one step ahead of any potential issues in your workflow, highlighting these before they become a problem to your business.

The KPI’s that have been congregated depending on your specific goals, objectives, and how you tailor the system towards it. For example, if you want to view how many cases you have working, you may track not only the cases but who is responsible for each case, how far each case has developed, outstanding bills, and what invoices are due out.

How Advanced Practice & case management can save you money

Through Advanced’s practice and case management systems, your team can focus on the matters at hand quicker and more effectively. The reporting does most of the groundwork for you so bringing those crucial statistics such as the KPI’s along-side all related productive information.

We’re your legal software partner

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More than 5,000 law firms and barristers chambers across the UK trust us to keep them ahead of the curve. With legal procedures becoming ever-more digitised, our solutions are designed so you can not only meet the challenge but go beyond it and utilise software powered possibility to maximise efficiency, ensure security and compliance and make the day-to-day easier.

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