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A digital guide to IHT400 for probate solicitors

20/03/2023 minute read OneAdvanced PR

Probate solicitors know how challenging it can be to complete inheritance tax forms such as the IHT400. The process can be complicated, time-consuming and prone to errors with it requiring detailed information about the deceased's assets, liabilities, and financial affairs.

Valuing the estate can be a difficult task, particularly when dealing with assets such as property or investments. It's crucial to ensure that all relevant financial records and documents are kept up-to-date and error-free. Unfortunately, keeping track of all these records can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes when information is incomplete or missing.

Moreover, the IHT400 form contains many ambiguities that can be difficult to interpret, leading to mistakes or delays. This can be frustrating for probate practitioners who want to ensure that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

How digital can help?

Digital forms can help simplify the process and reduce the risk of errors and delays. By using digital forms software such as Cloud Forms, lawyers can benefit from automatic field filling and improved record-keeping. Digital forms are also designed to be clear and easy to interpret, reducing the risk of ambiguity.

Cloud Forms is particularly useful for practitioners who deal with inheritance tax forms regularly. The software can automatically fill in fields based on data from your case management system, reducing the risk of errors. This feature is particularly helpful as it minimises the time and effort needed to complete the form. Instead of manually inputting data, fee-earners can rely on Cloud Forms to do it for them.

It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It provides a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate, making it easier for practitioners to complete the IHT400 form. The software also allows lawyers to check their work for errors and mistakes, ensuring that the form is accurate and complete before submission.

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