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What is the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)?

What is the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)?

by Josh Emptage, Azure Practice Lead

Many organisations are adopting public cloud technologies to keep up with the ever-evolving world of IT, the modernisation of infrastructure brings with it an array of new challenges and considerations. Advanced have found that many organisations which adopt cloud commonly overlook the differences in ongoing management and costing compared to their previous environment.

Whether you’re in the planning phase of adopting Azure or have already moved to the cloud, we have curated a ‘Strategy and Governance Workshop’ to help guide the implementation and management of your cloud infrastructure. We do this by aligning to Microsoft best practices around securing, managing and governing your environment, helping your organisation meet your business goals.

The way which organisations deploy Azure has changed over the past few years, with many new aspects introduced to the technology stack. From using Azure devops to deploy the infrastructure to using ARM templates, knowing where to start and how to continually manage it can be very confusing. Simply the thought of cloud adoption can leave many customers bewildered by the vast number of services, costs and options available to them.

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure is a full lifecycle framework that enables cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision makers to achieve their cloud adoption goals. It provides best practices, documentation, and tools that help you create and implement business and technology strategies for the cloud. The following diagram outlines how the framework uses methodologies as approaches to overcoming common blockers:

How Can Advanced Help

Advanced are offering a Strategy and Governance workshop run by subject experts in line with the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), which consists of an initial engagement with your company to help accelerate your journey to Microsoft Azure. The workshop will include:

• The relevancy of CAF in the modern IT world
• Why migrate to Azure?
• Understanding managing costs in Azure
• Mitigating risks
• In depth details on each CAF methodology and how it will apply to your business
• Best practices for cloud adoption
• How to leverage Azure resources
• Governance foundation and management baselines
• Real-life use cases
• Design and technical architecture review

Our Certified Azure Architects will walk you through how you envisage your cloud adoption plan and what option best aligns with your business. We understand that each use case is often unique for our customers and each plan will be aligned with proven best practice and prescriptive Microsoft guidance.

Benefits of the workshop

The workshop will provide you with a greater understanding of the CAF architecture and how it can be applied to your business leading to a successful transition to the cloud. Below are some of the key factors you will discover from the workshop:

• Understanding of business motivations, business outcomes and business justifications
• Definition of governance and management foundation
• Guidance on a security programme with a vision of a complete end state
• Understanding of a skill readiness plan
• Different cloud adoption plans and best cloud adoption approaches to use
• Azure readiness checks and landing zone architecture
• Understanding of modernisation, migration and innovation cloud adoption approaches

The workshop will be delivered over a team meeting to discuss the full lifecycle of cloud adoption, how to align your business with this architecture and how to adopt the cloud successfully.

After the workshop Advanced will provide personalised recommendations and clear next actions to help accelerate your cloud journey including:

1) Executive summary
2) Migration and modernisation strategy
3) Key risks
4) Opportunities
5) Proposed approach to migration or innovation
6) Key considerations
7) Business justifications

Want to get started? Simply contact us to enquire about the workshop and our experts will be in touch to arrange next steps.

Why Advanced?

Advanced’s credentials are second to none. We provide mission-critical services and support that helps our customers focus on their core activity while accelerating and transforming digitally. As a longstanding Microsoft Partner specialisations in Infrastructure (Azure), Azure Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialisation, and Digital & App Innovation (Azure), you can lean on our expertise to create an empowering roadmap, unlocking the capacity and flexibility to take your business into a stronger future.

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Josh Emptage

Josh Emptage


Azure Practice Lead

Josh Emptage is a Cloud Solutions Architect with expertise in Azure and M365. He helps clients get the most value out of their investments in these technologies by optimizing their use, incorporating new ideas, following security best practices, and automating processes. He works closely with product management, stakeholders, and engineering teams to ensure that the product aligns with the organization's strategy and vision.

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