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From Expertise to Excellence: Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation

From Expertise to Excellence: Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

We’re delighted to announce that we have been awarded with the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation for Digital & App Innovation. This demonstrates Advanced’s high level of expertise in developing and deploying cutting-edge digital solutions and applications using Microsoft technologies.

This follows being awarded the Infrastructure (Azure) and Modern Work Designations earlier this year. In this blog post, we'll explore what this means, and the benefits of working with a Microsoft Partner with these accreditations.

What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

A Microsoft Solutions Partner is an organisation that has proven expertise in designing, developing, and deploying solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

As a Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation (Azure), we have demonstrated our capability to help customers build & modernise cloud-native apps, and transform how they code, collaborate, and ship software.

How did we become a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

At Advanced, we've always been committed to delivering innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their business objectives. Our focus on leveraging Microsoft technologies to create custom solutions for our clients made becoming a Microsoft Solutions Partner a natural step for us.

To become a Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation, we had to clearly show our experience in the below areas:

  • Migrating and deploying production web application workloads, applying DevOps, and managing app services in Azure
  • Managing production workloads in the cloud using containers and managing hosted Kubernetes environments in Azure
  • Implementing secure DevOps practices and driving DevOps adoption while using Azure and GitHub

This involved passing several technical exams and certifications that demonstrate our proficiency in these platforms. We also had to demonstrate our ability to deliver high-quality solutions and excellent customer service. This involved providing references from satisfied customers, as well as meeting specific business and financial performance metrics.

Why work with us as a Microsoft partner?

Working with a Microsoft Solutions Partner like us provides several benefits for your business. Here are just a few:

  1. Deep expertise in Microsoft technologies: As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Digital & App Innovation, we have a deep understanding of the latest Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Azure. This allows us to design and deploy cutting-edge solutions that meet your organisation's unique needs.
  2. Proven track record of success: We've worked with a wide range of clients across various industries, and we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions that meet our clients' needs. Our customers trust us to deliver innovative solutions that help them achieve their business objectives.
  3. Strong relationship with Microsoft: As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have a strong relationship with Microsoft, which allows us to access the latest tools, technologies, and resources to help us design and deploy cutting-edge solutions for our clients.
  4. Customer-focused approach: At Advanced, we're committed to delivering excellent customer service and building long-term relationships with our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop solutions that meet those needs.

We’ve made this investment to ensure that we can deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.

“Very exciting day for Advanced, as we have now achieved our third Solutions Partner Designation with Microsoft (Digital & App Innovation- Azure). This a great reward for the fantastic dedication the team have put in to provide an excellent service to our customers, and shows the deep expertise that we have to support organisations looking to migrate to public cloud”. Reece Gohil, Microsoft Product Manager, Advanced

If you're looking for a partner that can help you design and deploy innovative solutions using Microsoft technologies, get in touch today. In partnership with Microsoft, we’re also offering a complimentary Azure Migration Assessment which will evaluate your infrastructure and provide insights on the business, cost, and technology benefits of migration. Get in touch to get started today.

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